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Under the Covers: Top 10 John Prine Covers
By Lynne Margolis
April 5, 2020

Bette Midler on Johnny Carson
Bette midler on johnny carson

Perhaps John Prine is feeling the blasts of healing energy sent his way from all over the world following last Sunday’s announcement that the coronavirus had left him fighting for his life. On Monday, his wife, Fiona, reported his condition is still critical, but had stabilized — though she later cautioned, “I need to clarify what I mean by ‘John is stable.’ That is not the same as improving. … He needs our prayers and love — as do the thousands of others who are critically ill.” He then won his battle and was released.

That initial “stable” gave us hope to hang on to. We’ll took it, and keep sending more positive vibes, because Prine, a three-time Americana Honors & Awards Artist of the Year winner (including consecutive 2017 and 2018 wins) is one of those Mt. Olympus songwriters.

The reason he’s so beloved is simple: He hits our hearts with every line, whether he’s telling humorous tales or making us feel the ache of another’s suffering. That’s why so many other artists have covered his tunes — and in some cases, turned them into signatures of their own. Jeffrey Foucault recorded an entire album of Prine tunes, Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes: The Songs of John Prine; there’s also a tribute album, Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: The Songs of John Prine, released in 2010 on Prine’s own Oh Boy Records label.

Prine’s most renowned song, “Angel from Montgomery,” has been covered by at least 45 artists, according to the SecondHandSongs website. But of course, it truly belongs to only one: Bonnie Raitt, who’s performed it more than any other in her repertoire. Susan Tedeschi also does a lovely version, but it’s always been Bonnie’s song, and tops any list of John Prine covers. 

Nanci Griffith similarly made “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” a centerpiece of her repertoire, and Joan Baez says “Hello in There” has been one of her most requested songs for over 40 years. Bette Midler also gets credit for popularizing it.

Prine’s good friend and Oh Boy Records artist Todd Snider has recorded many of his mentor’s songs; “All the Best” is a fan favorite. John Paul White calls Prine’s “Sam Stone” “the song that changed my life.” Dwight Yoakam says “Paradise” inspired him to write about his own family’s experiences. And Bettye LaVette simply inhabits “Souvenirs.”

It’s not a cover per se, but Brandi Carlile did a sublime duet with Prine on “Summer’s End,” 2019’s Americana Music Honors & Awards winner for Song of the Year, on his latest album, The Tree of Forgiveness — which won the Americana Music award for Album of the Year.

Steve Goodman gives a righteous reading to a song he cowrote with Prine, “You Never Even Call Me By My Name.” And rounding out this list of 10 great Prine covers is Tom Rush, who, sadly, has announced he tested positive for COVID-19. Here, he’s having too much fun with “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian.”

“Angel From Montgomery” — Bonnie Raitt with Ruthie Foster0

“Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” — Nanci Griffith

Hello in There  — Bette Midler

“All the Best” — Todd Snider

“Sam Stone” — John Paul White

“Paradise” — Dwight Yoakam

“Souvenirs” — Bettye LaVette

“Summer’s End” — John Prine with Brandi Carlile

“You Never Even Call Me By My Name” — Steve Goodman

“Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian” — Tom Rush

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 John Prine Covers

  1. As we all struggle to get through this coronavirus pandemic (wishing John Prine a continued and speedy recovery!), I thought I would put together a Bette Midler (COVID-19) playlist. Some selections are a bit more macabre than others, but what the heck, here goes:

    1. From a Distance
    2. Beast of Burden
    3. Fever
    4. Miss Otis Regrets (she’s unable to lunch, today)
    5. (You’ve Got to Have) Friends
    6. Am I Blue?
    7. Drinking Again
    8. Breaking Up Somebody’s Home [let’s hope not]
    9. I Shall Be Released [put please, not in the atmosphere]
    10. Love Says It’s Waiting [how long are we supposed to stay six feet apart?]
    11. No Jestering [no Mr. Donald, this one is for real]
    12. Tragedy
    13. I’ve Still Got My Health (!!!!)
    14. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
    15. Night and Day
    16. All of a Sudden
    17. Shiver Me Timbers
    18. Bang, You’re Dead [oh no, I didn’t really say that]
    19. So Long, Dearie [I really, really didn’t say that]
    20. God Give Me Strength
    21. When Your Life Was Low
    22. Hang On In There, Baby
    23. Baby, It’s Cold Outside [so stay the fuck inside!]
    24. It’s Too Late [well, maybe not if we all stay inside]

    Feel free to add to the playlist, and let’s all stay healthy!

    P. S. Awesome job, Mister D, on the John Prine bonus tracks. I didn’t know Joan B. sang Hello In There (where have I been?) I love Joan Baez, but Bette brings something very personal and touching to the lyrics, that make it uniquely her own. Nonetheless, I intend to stream “Diamonds and Rust”, as that is considered a Baez classic.

  2. Thanks for this. I’ll try to make it an audio playlist, too. Very clever. I loved Diamonds and Rust and the whole album.

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