23 Of Ms Magazine’s Most Iconic Covers

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Revisit Ms. Magazine’s Most Iconic Covers
By Stephanie Eckardt

May 20, 2020

Bette Midler - Ms Magazine

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that Ms. magazine’s first blaring statement—“We Have Had Abortions,” signed by 53 women—appeared inside its pages; it’s exactly the type of provocation that the title has emblazoned across the covers of every issue since. Then again, the year was 1972. Women needed a man’s signature to get a credit card. The phrase “sexual harassment” didn’t exist. And for the rare woman who did manage to make it professionally, it was perfectly ordinary for her male superior to simply credit her “great legs.” The latter scenario could happen to even the most accomplished—even, as the FX series Mrs. America reminds us, to Gloria Steinem. These days, some see Steinem as a chic picture of confidence. To others, she’s gone beyond her former status of controversial and is even regarded as problematic. Mrs. America illustrates that behind the scenes, it was never even close to as easy as Steinem made it seem. Of course, that only makes the Ms. team’s accomplishments even more impressive—especially those of its early art directors, Rochelle Udell and Bea Feitler. Ahead of the show’s eighth episode, revisit Ms. at its best on newsstands. (And don’t forget to keep out an eye for the cover lines.)

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine1/23

Ms. magazine, June 1972: “Secret Files Exposed on Page 37.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine2/23

Ms. magazine, December 1972: Luke 2:14, amended.

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine3/23

Ms. magazine, January 1973: “Chisholm/Farenthold: The Ticket That Might Have Been.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine4/23

Ms. magazine, August 1973: “Why Bette Midler?”; “Nurses! Nurses! Nurses!”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine5/23

Ms. magazine, November 1973: “Job Advice for ‘Just a Housewife.’”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine6/23

Ms. magazine, May 1974: “From Anaïs Nin’s Newest Diary.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine7/23

Ms. magazine, November 1974: “Do Women Make Men Violent?”
Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine8/23

Ms. magazine, December 1974: “A 98-lb. Weakling’s Guide to Martial Arts”; “Who’s Afraid of Women Priests?”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine9/23

Ms. magazine, February 1975: “Women in Film: An Endangered Species.”

Pam Grier's Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine10/23

Ms. magazine, August 1975: “Diana Vreeland, Mother of Pizzazz”; “Pam Grier, Super-Sass”; “…And the Gung-Ho Troops of TUPPERWARE.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine11/23

Ms. magazine special men’s issue, October 1975: “First Annual ‘Fascinating Manhood’ Awards.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine12/23

Ms. magazine, December 1975: “What Santa Won’t Bring You… Bella [Abzug] Will!”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine13/23

Ms. magazine, August 1976: “Help for the Secret Victim Next Door.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine14/23

Ms. magazine, November 1976: “I Forget.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine15/23

Ms. magazine, September 1977: “Move Over, Phyllis Schlafly—Here Comes Anita Bryant.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine16/23

Ms. magazine, November 1977: “Woody Allen: Schlemiel as Sex Maniac.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine17/23

Ms. magazine, January 1978: “The White House Style: Beer, Beanies, and Jesus”; “Carter Discovers ‘Life Is Unfair.’”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine18/23

Ms. magazine, April 1980: “The Great ‘Personhole Cover‘ Controversy.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine19/23

Ms. magazine, January 1981: “Offices of the Future—How to Control the New Technology Before It Controls You.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine20/23

Ms. magazine, November 1989: “Move Over, Meryl.”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine21/23

Ms. magazine, January/February 1992 by Barbara Kruger: “Anita Hill Speaks Out!”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine22/23

Ms. magazine, September 1995: “Where’s Hillary? How’s Your Job? What’s Good Day Care?”

Ms. magazine cover

Courtesy of Ms. magazine23/23

Ms. magazine, spring 2011: “And Not Just When It’s ‘Forcible.’”

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