Bette Midler Writes Song With Janis Ian ~ “I Would Bring You Spring” Buy The Digital Sheet Music!

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Mister D: Several years ago, Bette was in Nashville co-writing songs, and here’s the lowdown on one of the songs she wrote with the lovely and talented, Ms. Janis Ian (“Some People’s Lives“) Here’s hoping we get a CD full of originals!

From Janis Ian’s Newsletter:

I’ve had a few distractions. Bette Midler and I spent a day working on a lovely song called “I Would Bring You Spring.” I’ve been telling her she should try writing songs since I first met her, back around 1974 – and for a first-time songwriter, she was incredible. Pat and I spent the next evening eating sushi with Bette and her husband Martin, laughing a lot. I feel better afterward; I bet even Bette Midler has to pack when she goes on tour. Though probably not as many bags. Or maybe more. She’s taller than I am.

Janis Ian

I Wish You Spring by Janis Ian & Bette Midler
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I Would Bring You Spring
Music & Lyrics By Bette Midler & Janis Ian
October 5, 2012

I Would Bring You Spring

I would bring you spring on a winter's night
When all the world around is dressed in white
Robins on the wing lady-birds in flight
A blanket full of dreams in every shade of green
To warm you through the night

You used to love to dance. I never got it right.
Give me one more chance to dance tonight
Cause then I was afraid of looking like a fool
But somehow I know but somehow now I know
It's time to let you go cause I'm a fool for you

We never had too much you never seemed to care
Whenever I was lost I'd turn and find you there

I would bring you spring that's what love is for
Give you everything I never gave before
Cause winter's here to stay that's what time will do
But I will bring you spring and find my spring in you

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