Audio: A Mixed Bag Of Bette Music

Bette Midler in  Divine Madness
Bette Midler in Divine Madness

Bette Midler – To Deserve You – Steve Boursana Dance Mix

Bette Midler – Somewhere In My Memory – (Extended FaeRieMix)

Bette Midler – Big-Socks-C-Dubs-Size-Queen-Radio-Mix

Bette Midler – Fever – (Fred & Junior’s NYC Club Mix)

Bette Midler – From A Distance – Reggae Remix*

Bette Midler – I Put A Spell On You – EDIO Remix

*Mister D: When I was invited to the opening of the second leg of the “Kiss My Brass” tour, Ms Midler actually did remake the song, From A Distance, where it had a subtle, but definite reggae beat. And for all intents and purposes, the audience around me loved it. People were standing up and you couldn’t help but dance rhythmically to the beat. I thought about a lot of the tunes from the early days when Miss M would change them up and put her own stamp on them. So this version was a pleasant surprise. I was her only guest that night backstage (this was before touring acts found out they could capitalize on fans who would buy tickets to go backstage for a one minute meet and greet – Bette at least parlayed all that extra income back into her pet project, NYRP. So it was definitely for a good cause.) Anyway, I told her how much the audience seemed to love the new “coat of paint” on From A Distance. But she went back to the original. So that one night was special. The reasoning behind it was that people coming to the show wanting to hear the hits, probably wouldn’t like that she changed the arrangement on it. So she was talked out of doing the new version. You can guess who was instrumental in that?

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