Bette Midler & Julia Roberts To Present Awards At amFar March 4, 2021
Julia Roberts Gives Courage Award To ‘Tireless And True’ Fauci
By Jon Brown
Feb 25, 2021   

bette midler & glenn close
Bette midler glenn close

Actress Julia Roberts gushed over Dr. Anthony Fauci during a sneak peek at a gala during which she will award the nation’s top infectious disease expert with an award for courage.

Roberts is slated to present Fauci with The Foundation for AIDS Research’s (amfAR) Award of Courage at the organization’s virtual “A Gala for Our Time” event that will air March 4 on YouTube, according to an exclusive first look obtained by PEOPLE.

“There’s no one more deserving,” Roberts reportedly tells Fauci in the video. “You’ve been tireless and true for all of us and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you so much, Julia, those are such very kind words, I really do appreciate them,” Fauci responds. “Coming from you, that really means a lot to me.” He also went out of his way to mention the frontline workers dealing with COVID-19 patients, whom he described as the “unsung heroes.”

amfAR, which is dedicated to finding a cure for HIV, has expanded its research to study COVID-19. They present their Award of Courage to figures who distinguish themselves for their social and humanitarian work, especially regarding HIV/AIDS. Glenn Close will also be receiving an Award of Courage, which will be given to her by singer Bette Midler.\

When Roberts first spoke with Fauci in May, she was apparently star-struck. Interviewing him as a part of the #PassTheMic campaign, in which celebrities handed their social media accounts over to health experts, Roberts “visibly gasped and smiled as he sat down,” according to PEOPLE.

“Oh, this is such a thrill,” Roberts said when Fauci moved into the frame. “This is a thrill for me because there are very few experts of anything in the world and you truly have emerged as a personal hero for me. Just to have this little corner of your time for us is such a joy.”

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