BootLeg Betty

Video: My Knight In Black Leather

Video: My Eye On You

Video: One For My Baby

Video: Chapel Of Love/BWBB

Video: Bette Midler – Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (Howie Mandel) – 1997, part 1 & 2

Part II

New Bootleg Betty Playlist Is Up

* The new BLB playlist is up for June…just a few days early. Just CLICK HERE…

The Marriage Ref: Would Not Let Me Embed…But Have Links

Mister D: You Tube would not let me embed the videos on the site due to…

Video: Married Men – SNL 1979

Video: Chattanooga Choo Choo

Video: Big Noise (Divine Madness)

Video: Billy-A-Dick (For The Boys)

Bette Midler On Alan Titchmarsh 9.2.09 Pt 1

Bette’s Divine Challenge


Bette Asks For Our Help In Haiti

THEY NEED OUR HELP…..THE SITUATION IN HAITI IS DESPERATE…PLEASE HELP!!! Bette supports Doctors Without Borders….please donate…

Gloria Steinem interviews Bette Midler

Bette Midler Interview 1988 (Thanks Nicola)

Bette on Kathy Griffin, Part I, II, III, IV

Part I and II up and III on the way.....

Divine Downloads From The Files Of Berlin Dirk!

Mister D: Berlin Dirk just sent in two Divine files of an interview Bette did with…

Parkinson Videos Added: 1978 and 2006

Nicola has added 2 more videos to the Divine Downloads section: * Parkinson 2006 Promoting…

Video: I Shall Be Released – Continental Baths

In The Mood – Ol Red Hair Is Back

Retro Minute: 06/08/1989 – A Little Bette (Thanks Katrin)

Love, Mister D

Updates – 04-27-2008: New Music, New Videos, New Polls

There’s new music up in the BLB Jukebox and Same Songs, Other Voices. Click the links…

BMTV And Boot Tube Betty To Merge Soon

I'll be merging BMTV and my own version of Boot Tube Betty. It will look like…

Save The Dates: Then She Found Me And More….

News on the Philly Film Festival and the debut of the "Then She Found Me" trailer

Updates: 03-05-08

New music up..... Watch the Bette series??? Love, Mister D

UpDate: Boot Tube Betty

I’ve changed the link and look to Boot Tube Betty so if you’ve bookmarked it, you…

Boot Tube Betty

ArtWork: Da’Vi I put up a new video section awhile back that I tackily name Boot…

It’s A Wonderful Life!

Mister D: Okay, this is my last one of these for awhile (as I hear a…

Videos: BMTV, TMZ, and My Special Night At The Grammy’s

I’ve put up some more videos in BMTV for those who don’t look much for them…

Bit’s O’ Bette And More….

Mister D: I put up some new music in Bette’s Ipod Faves. Hope you enjoy some…

New Movie Trailers Up In BMTV

PhotoShop: Lucy Wilkins Gypsy Isn’t She Great Drowning Mona For The Boys The Stepford Wives Love,…

BMTV And Bette’s Digital Jukebox

Mister D: Sorry ladies and gentleman but I have just sunk like a stone into depression.…

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose: 3 Videos For The Weekend

Everybody have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did. Of…