Bette Midler In Hello Dolly!

Coming In March 2017


Beginning June 13, 2017, the role of Dolly Levi will be played by Donna Murphy on Tuesday evenings. Donna Murphy will also perform on 6/27 – 7/2, 7/5 – 7/9, 7/30 (Sunday evening), 9/6 – 9/10, 10/15 (Sunday evening), 10/30 (Monday evening), 11/1 – 11/15, 11/24 (Friday matinee) and 1/7 (Sunday evening).

Setting: In and around Yonkers and New York City. The 1880s.
Music by: Jerry Herman;
Book by: Michael Stewart;
Lyrics by: Jerry Herman

Based on: The Matchmaker.

First Preview: March 15, 2017

Opening Date: April 20, 2017

Directed by: Jerry Zaks

Choreography: Warren Carlyle

Scenic & Costume Design Santo Loquasto

Lighting Design: Natasha Katz

Sound Design: Scott Lehrer

Music Direction: Andy Einhorn


Bette Midler: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi

Donna Murphy: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi (On Tuesday nights, starting June 13)

David Hyde Pierce:  Horace Vandergelder

Gavin Creel: Cornelius Hack

Kate Baldwin: Irene Molloy

Taylor Trensch: Barnaby Tucker

Will Burton: Ambrose Kemper

Melanie Moore: Ermengarde

Jennifer Simard:  Ernestina

Beanie Feldstein: Minnie Fay

Rounding out the company will be Cameron Adams, Phillip Attmore, Giuseppe Bausilio, Justin Bowen, Elizabeth Earley, Taeler Elyse Cyrus, Leslie Donna Flesner, Jenifer Foote,Jessica Lee Goldyn, Blake Hammond, Stephen Hanna, Michael Hartung, Robert Hartwell, Amanda LaMotte, Analisa Leaming, Jess LeProtto, Ian Liberto, Kevin Ligon, Nathan Madden, Linda Mugleston, Hayley Podschun, Jessica Sheridan, Michaeljon Slinger, Christian Dante White, Branch Woodman, Ryan Worsing and Richard Riaz Yoder.

Act One:

I Put My Hand In:  Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi and Company

It Takes A Woman: Horace Vandergelder and The Instant Glee Club

Put On Your Sunday Clothes: Cornelius Hack, Barnaby Tucker, Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi, Ambrose Kemper, and Ermengarde

Ribbons Down My Back: Irene Molloy

Motherhood: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi, Horace Vandergelder, Irene Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius Hackl, and Barnaby Tucker

Dancing: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi, Cornelius Hack, Barnaby Tucker, Minnie Fay, Irene Molloy, and Dancers

Before the Parade Passes By: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi, Horace Vandergelder and Company

Act Two:

Elegance: Irene Molloy, Cornelius Hackl, Minnie Fay, and Barnaby Tucker

The Waiter’s Gallop: Rudolph and Waiters

Hello, Dolly!: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi, Rudolph, Waiters, and Cooks

The Polka Contest: Ambrose Kemper, Ermengarde, Irene Molloy, Cornelius Hackl, Minnie Fay, Barnaby Tucker and Contestants

It Only Takes a Moment: Cornelius Hackl, Irene Molloy, Prisoners, and Policeman

So Long Dearie: Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi

Hello, Dolly! (Reprise): Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi and Horace Vandergelder

Finale: Company

Bette Midler – Before The Parade Passes By – Hello Dolly! (2017)

Background Of The 2017 Revival

On January 19, 2016, it was announced that Bette Midler would play the title role in a Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!. Previews began March 15, 2017, officially opening on April 20, 2017, at the Shubert Theatre.

The production was produced by Scott Rudin, directed by Jerry Zaks and choreographed by Warren CarlyleDavid Hyde Pierce played Horace Vandergelder. Other principal castings for this revival included Kate Baldwin as Irene Molloy, Gavin Creel as Cornelius Hack, Jennifer Simard as Ernestina Money, Taylor Trensch and Charlie Stemp as Barnaby Tucker, Will Burton as Ambrose Kemper, Melanie Moore as Ermengarde, and Beanie Feldstein as Minnie Fay.  Donna Murphy played the role of Dolly at Tuesday evening performances beginning in June 2017, as well as covering Midler’s holiday dates.  She played her final performance on January 7, 2018.

Midler, Pierce, Trensch, and Feldstein left the production on January 14, 2018.  Bernadette Peters took over the role of Dolly with previews from January 20, 2018, officially on February 22, 2018, and Victor Garber took over the role of Horace Vandergelder.  Charlie Stemp assumed the role of Barnaby Tucker on January 20, 2018. Santino Fontana temporarily played the role of Cornelius Hackl from March 2018 to May 6 while Gavin Creel recovered from back surgery. Creel returned to the role on May 8, 2018. Before Fontana’s temporary engagement, understudy Christian Dante White played the role of Cornelius. The production closed on August 25, 2018, with Midler and Hyde Pierce returning to play Dolly and Horace (respectively) from July 17, 2018, to closing.

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