Kiss My Brass


(Lyrics Eric Kornfeld, Music by the Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns)

Harlettes: “Hey, Bette Midler!” (x4)

Bette: “I heard you the first time.”

Got a tale to tell

”˜Bout a dame who’s swell

And she knows a thing or two

When I was forlorn

She handed me a horn

And told me what I had to do

And she said

You can take what I can give

Or you take a pass

You can love me like I am

Or you can kiss my brass

Kiss my brass!

Traveled this whole land

Bought me this whole band

Now they’re gonna do their thing

They’re gonna rock this place

Right outta time and space

These cats can really, really swing

If you dig that, I can say that

You have got some class

If you don’t

What can I say but

You can kiss my brass

Kiss my brass

Kiss it baby, you know you want to

Kiss it baby, like in the movies

My song may be sassy

But check out my chassis (My song may be sassy, I’m no Shirley Bassey)

”˜Cause I’m the one you came (paid) to see

There’s no saying, “No sir”

To this roller coaster

Come on and take a ride with me

Harlettes: “Hey, Bette Midler!”

Bette: “Ooh, I think I’ve heard those drums before.”

Harlettes: “Hey, Bette Midler!”

Bette: “Another town, a different song.”

Harlettes: “Hey, Bette Midler!”

Bette: “This is like a déjà vu.”

Bette: “I’m having me a déjà vu!”

            (“Big Noise from Winnetka” excerpt; monologue)

Bette:   “Repeat after me: Kiss my brass!”

If you’re ready, we can partee

Get up off your ass

Time to show how much you love me”¦

You can kiss my braaaaaaaaasssss!

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