BootLeg Betty

Mr. Freedom And I

Tid-Bettes: Recorded December 20, 1971 as a demo prior to the release of The Divine Miss M album

Mr. Freedom And I

(Mark Klingman)

I truly love you
That you must believe
But you ain’t a fool
To let your heart be deceived
You know I must be leaving
But I shall not cry
Cause I ain’t alone
It’s Mr. Freedom and I

For when I was hurting
You could not tell me
Where my happiness did lie
I found with Mr. Freedom and I

I can remember
The way you will grieve
When I up and I left you
In the night like a thief
When you search through the  valleys
And you look towards the sky
Please try to remember
It’s Mr. Freedom and I

For when I was hurting
You could not tell me
Where my happiness did  lie
I found with Mr. Freedom and …

I truly love you
That I do believe
But I ain’t no fool
Could my head be deceived
When I search through the  valleys
And I  look towards the sky
I will always remember
It’s Mr. Freedom and I

Extra lyrics not on the recording:

I am not angry
Or hung down in shame
But I want you to know
That you’re not to blame
I am not humble
But oh I can try
If you will believe in
Mr. Freedom and I

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