Pink Cadillac

Pink Cadillac
(Bruce Springsteen)

Now you may think I’m foolish
With all the foolish things I do
You may wonder how come you love me
When I get on your nerves like I do
Oh baby, you know why you love me
Ain’t no secret ’bout that
Come on over here and touch me baby
We’re going to seal the pact
Now honey it ain’t about money
‘Cause I know you got plenty of that

You love me for my pink Cadillac
Crushed velvet seats
Low in the back
Oozing down the street
Waving to the girls
Feeling out of sight
Spending lots of money
On a Saturday night
Ah, don’t you love it when you’re riding
In the back of my pink Cadillac, baby

Now come folks say it’s too big
Uses too much gas
Some say that it’s too damned old
Does not go real fast
But honey, your love is bigger than a Honda
I heard it’s bigger than a Subaru, yeah
And I cause the real thing baby
Ain’t no one else will do
And anyway, we don’t have to ride it
We can just park it out in the back
And have a party in my
Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac

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