1995 – Bette Of Roses – Good Morning Show – Bette Midler

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Bette Midler – Martha – Saturday Night Live – 1979

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1980 – Barbara Walters Interview – Bette Midler

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Robin Williams And Bette Midler At The Golden Globe Awards 1993

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2012 – The Book That Inspired Bette Midler

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On Aging:

On Aging: “Do I like getting older? You know, I fight it tooth and nail, I really do. Oh yeah.…

On what she’s given up in marriage:

On what she’s given up in marriage: “Well, I’ve given up a lot of independence. You know ”¦ I make…

On her husband, Martin:

On her husband, Martin: “You know that when I first got married, this guy I knew ”¦ was introduced to…

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