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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Book Review: Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel

Laughing Place
Book Review: Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel
by Alex Reif | Jul 6, 2018

Fans of Disney’s Hocus Pocus have waited twenty-five years for a sequel to the hilarious and heartwarming film starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. While the original cast and creative team are ready and willing to revisit their old tricks, Disney isn’t prepared to give us that treat… With the exception of Disney’s Freeform Books, which is publishing Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel on July 10th. So light your black flame candle and cozy up with a boooOOOOOK to get a glimpse at what a sequel could actually be like. Read More

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sophie Tucker Book Giveaway (via Twitter in April)

Classic Movie Hub
Sophie Tucker Book Giveaway (via Twitter in April)
Posted on April 1, 2018
by Annmarie Gatti

It’s time for our next book giveaway! CMH is happy to say that we will be giving away FIVE COPIES of  “Red Hot Mama: The Life of Sophie Tucker” by Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff, courtesy of University of Texas Press, from now through May 5, 2018. (plus ONE more copy via Facebook and this Blog, details to follow in a few days).

red hot mama: the life of sophie tucker

In order to qualify to win one of these prizes via this contest giveaway, you must complete the below entry task by Saturday, May 5 at 10PM EST. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have of winning, because we will pick a winner on five different days within the contest period, via random drawings, as listed below… So if you don’t win the first week that you enter, you will still be eligible to win during the following weeks until the contest is over. Read More

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What’s Bette Midler Reading? “Just The Funny Parts” By Nell Scovell

From the Back Cover

Just the Funny Parts is a juicy and scathingly funny insider look at how pop culture gets made. For more than thirty years, writer, producer, and director Nell Scovell worked behind the scenes of iconic shows, including The Simpsons, Late Night with David Letterman, Murphy Brown, NCIS, The Muppets, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, which she created and executive produced.

Then in 2009, Scovell gave up her behind-the-scenes status when the David Letterman sex scandal broke. Only the second woman ever to write for his show, Scovell used the moment to publicly call out the lack of gender diversity in late-night TV writers’ rooms. “One of the boys” came out hard for “all of the girls.” Her criticisms fueled a cultural debate. Two years later, Scovell was collaborating with Sheryl Sandberg on speeches and later on Lean In, which resulted in a worldwide movement. Read More

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Forbidden Zone Is The Most Colorful Black And White Movie Ever Made – Check Out Bette’s Husband In The Clip Provided – The Kipper Kids

Den Of Geek
Forbidden Zone (1980)
Forbidden Zone Is The Most Colorful Black And White Movie Ever Made
You think you’ve seen one-of-a-kind movies? Banana oil! Forbidden Zone, there’s nothing like it.
By Tony Sokol
Mar 21, 2018

The world of motion pictures is loaded with brilliant films and original visions, but few are without precedent. Forbidden Zone is a one of a kind movie that is both highly intelligent and unafraid to be broadly stupid. It mixes the most nightmarish elements of hundreds of film moments, unintentionally of course, with some of the most emotionally stirring music ever to prop up celluloid. If it weren’t for the snatches of dialogue, it might be considered the greatest prog rock opera. Read More

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Letters from New York: Making Pictures with the A-B-C Hardcover – May 1, 2018 by Maree Coote (Author, Illustrator)

Letters from New York: Making Pictures with the A-B-C Hardcover – May 1, 2018
by Maree Coote (Author, Illustrator)

Readers spell their way through the pictures of the city and its features and inhabitants, and every image is made from the letters that spell its name. This is a unique typographic device. Colors are bold and bright, and the portraits, buildings and animals are great fun. A playful verse accompanies each illustration. There’s also a fun-facts quiz about the city and hide-and-find fun too. Supported by Teachers Notes via the back page and online. Read More

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Is All I Ask….

Mister D:

Ladies and gentlemen, I lay before you bare…well, baring my soul on behalf of Bootleg Betty. Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere, but I could use your help. As many of you know, I’ve been on disability (I’ll leave it to the gossip mill to figure out why 🙂 ) for the last two years and am on an extremely limited income.

All I want to ask is that for those who use Amazon, please use the search engine on Bootleg Betty to order anything. I’m an affiliate, so I get a certain percentage on any product you buy on the Bootleg Betty site. It’s a very small percentage which comes out to pennies if you buy CD’s, DVD’s, or Books. But those pennies add up over time and could help defray some of the costs of running Bootleg Betty – hosting fees, different subscriptions for articles, photos that aren’t watermarked, the little bells and whistles, and manhours. While I probably won’t make back what I put in, it surely would help. (The search engines are on the right hand side, one towards the top and another about halfway down.) Read More

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