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Mister D:

Ladies and gentlemen, I lay before you bare…well, baring my soul on behalf of Bootleg Betty. Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere, but I could use your help. As many of you know, I’ve been on disability (I’ll leave it to the gossip mill to figure out why 🙂 ) for the last two years and am on an extremely limited income.

All I want to ask is that for those who use Amazon, please use the search engine on Bootleg Betty to order anything. I’m an affiliate, so I get a certain percentage on any product you buy on the Bootleg Betty site. It’s a very small percentage which comes out to pennies if you buy CD’s, DVD’s, or Books. But those pennies add up over time and could help defray some of the costs of running Bootleg Betty – hosting fees, different subscriptions for articles, photos that aren’t watermarked, the little bells and whistles, and manhours. While I probably won’t make back what I put in, it surely would help. (The search engines are on the right hand side, one towards the top and another about halfway down.)

I do know that there are those of you that don’t use Amazon, and you can help, too, if you so desire. On the bottom toolbar, you’ll see a heart…that is for donations. It’s through Paypal so I think you can contribute as much or as little as you want.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I hope I didn’t offend anyone by asking for help. I’m not threatening to take BLB down or anything. She will keep chugging along no matter what. Thanks again!


Mister D

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32 thoughts on “This Is All I Ask….

  1. Unka Don

    Anything that will help. You can count on me….may not be huge but it will be something

    Miss Jane

    1. miss jane: Thanks for trying, but i ‘m just not that familiar with Paypal to know what to tell you….I could send you my address?

  2. ARRRRGGGGG. Don tried the paypal and it just cycles asking for donation amount I input and it clears and asks again….any suggestions?

  3. Mr. D. – “Ask and you shall receive.”

    I sure will:) Always here to support you in any way I can.

    Take care always!

    <3<3 Anne <3<3

  4. you should have posted this a long time ago, my mom and i use amazon ALOT so i will tell her to go through blb from now on, as will i 🙂 (i dont use paypal sorry)

  5. STEPHEN!!!! You rock. Thanks so much. Good to go now Don.

    I just don’t hang at Paypal that often so I am easily confused. Got it now.

  6. thanks for not threatening to take down the site if you don’t get donations. Those people are so annoying. Donations are suppose to be a gift not forced upon people out of fear. So since you asked so lovely I would be happy to give you a donation, although the amount might not be news worthy : (

    1. Danielle: Remember you don’t have to give anything, but no amount is too little. I/m very grateful for anything = even if you just stick around! lol xxoo

  7. On the bottom toolbar, you’ll see a heart…that is for donations. It’s through Paypal so I think you can contribute as much or as little as you want.
    Where??????? I can’t see any heart anywhere.

  8. In the words of Emily Littella…”Never mind.”
    I found the heart (outdated browser) and all was accomplished.
    Thank you for all you do.

  9. Mister D.,
    Well my goodness, hello old friend, acquaintance, what have you. I am so glad to see this is still up and running after all this time! I might be mistaken, but I think we may have crossed paths a very, very… very long time ago when I, in my alter ego (Jason Stewart) ran “The Unofficial Bette Midler Website” in the late ’90’s… do you remember it? There were a lot of websites that sprung up around that time, and since it was so long ago I may be totally wrong as far as the timeframe goes, but I am pretty sure yours was one of the ones that started around then. Am I right? If so, then HI! I happened upon your site tonight and saw this small request for assistance and am happy to help. I know all too well the time consuming task it is to maintain a fan site such as yours (although when I did it it was a lot less complicated–there was nothing to tweet or Facebook about ((not that ‘Facebook’ is a verb but I am using it as one–how modern!)) In any event, do drop me a line and let me know if you remember me. For the short and exhausting time that I did it (I was only in high school then) it was tremendously rewarding and I was able to connect with some remarkable people, Bette fans, you know, all across the world. Cheers! Micah

    1. Hi Micah! I remember you, of course. To me, you had such a distinct look that I just loved! And thank goodness because my memory is getting so bad. So glad you wrote and to see that you are dping so well. And yes, I too, use all this social media language as a verb, too….so don’t feel alone. I visited your FB page and made a friend request….of course it’s up to you to accept. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know how you are….Love, Don

  10. Hi Don, How are you? It’s Don Bandel remember from “Best on Bette” I have a question. With Bette’s Costume Auction coming up on Nov.12th. They used some of my photos for the Auction Catalog which I am very flattered. Recently Bette did an interview on the Today Show 10/25/11 One of those photos in the background during the interview (which was blown up really big!) was one of mine. I would really love a copy of that interview on DVD Could you possibly get a copy for me?? Please let me know if this is possible?? Thanks Don ( p.s. I checked with the Today Show website and they want $150.00 for 5 minutes!!!! Ouch!!!! I figured that I would check with you first. I will await your reply! Love your Website!!! Take Care, Don

    1. Don, of course, I remember you….you are like a mentor and rock star to me! However, i don’t know how to help you….I was recently hospitalized and have trouble with my memory so I didn’t get the episode recorded myself, so I can’t help you there. I am so sorry! I hope you can find somebody….Love, Don

  11. don,
    I’m looking for the karaoke version of From a Distance (Christmas version).
    Can you help me? I can’t seem to find it.

  12. I have listened to the song, “Wind beneath My Wings” for years. I visualize flying beneath my imaginary fairy friends who guided me when I pondered upon traumatic event from abuse during childhood memories. I am 52 years old today. I have accepted I was a victim and today I am in graduate school in mental health counseling. I will always listen to Wind beneath My Wings. This song gave me strength to carry on.

    1. That’s wonderful Karie…good luck in grad school;;;;that;s what i want to major in, too xx

  13. Hi Donnie baby !!!!! How are you feeling ?? Big, sincere wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I linked Amazon to here. And will gladly make a donation.
    I know I speak for many who will agree that your dedication to bringing Bette Midler fans the best in memorabilia exceeds any other web site. The time and enery you dedicated to sharing couldn`t possibly be matched. So, many thanks.
    Finally, desperately seeking a DVD copy of “Art or Bust” …..any info Bette fans???
    Many Thanks and much love to Don ………….

    1. Thank you so much Scott!!! I’m doing great,!!! Since they didn’t release Art or Bust on DVD you’re probably going to have to take your chances on Ebay where someone might have made a transfer from VHS to DVD or find a friend that can do it. Anybody else have suggestions?

  14. Mr. D,

    I have some film of Bette that has never been publicly seen. If you were to premiere it on your site, you would see an explosive increase in traffic. Happy to give it to you with no strings attached. Email me and I will be in touch.


  15. Hello,

    I’m french and sorry for my english.

    Note : the picture of “What Did Bette Midler Love At Gaultier’s Fashion Extravaganza?” is not from Gaultier but another designer : Frank Sorbier

    It was the s

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