From Mister D: I’m Sorry For My Absence. Due To Lack Of Common Sense, I Was Shamed Into An Illness Of My Own Design

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Mister D: First I want to thank Nicola Calder for keeping up with Facebook so well. I have been so sporadic in my output lately, but she has held that together greatly. So thank you, Nicola!

Bad Luck Or Idiot Syndrome

Here we are again. I have the worst luck of anybody. Sorry for my absence. The days I’ve been missing, I’ve just been physically ill from the return of the migraines from hell, a hard time breathing, swollen eyes, vomiting. I couldn’t sit up to watch TV, much less look at any type of computer. And, the main problem was stupidity on my part. The lack of common sense.

I tend to do most all of my work on the computer sitting on the couch. The cats like it that I’m there. And Squeak, who is 18, is just totally blind. She can find her way to the kitchen, the water bowl, and exactly where to climb up on the couch to be next to me. But sometimes, she gets lost, and she’s never been vocal before, but now that she can’t see, it’s a very distressing cry. I usually find she’s wandered off somehow into the living room which is huge. She’s walking in circles crying. I call her, it confuses her, so I have to go pick her up, and she just looks so frightened until I get her back to any place she knows. Then she seems happy. She’s never purred much, but now that we’ve gotten closer, she loves to be around me, and the purring is loud and often.

And Iggy is 6, I believe, and he’s a typical tom cat except he’s a big baby when he comes back in to rest. If I leave the room to go to the bathroom or shower while he is asleep, it takes a few minutes for me to hear his whining at the bathroom door. I let him in and he plops down on the floor laying down like he’s dead. If I’m in the shower, I’ll pull back the curtains to let him know I’m there. and he’ll collapse on the floor like he’s dead again.

Iggy and I have really been almost inseparable since he was a baby. I’ve always been there, so I guess there’s some kind of attachment issue there.

Back To The Point

And, as usual, I get off point. Well, working on the couch has it’s drawbacks. Not having a good place to put your water bottles. I lost something the other day and picked up the two cushions i sit and sleep on. I haven’t used a bed in years. I could live in one of those tiny houses and be so happy. Well underneath the cushions was covered in black. The bottom of the cushions were covered in black. It was damp. It was all those tipped over water bottles. Oh sure I dried up the top cushion, never thinking to check is it went down the crack between two cushions.

“Lord, Mr. B, here’s why you can’t breathe.”

I washed the cushions, but there was still black on it. I poured bleach on the bottom of the couch, but maybe a little too much. To make a long story short, I kept getting sicker and sicker, but would not even think of putting mold and my sickness together. I finally called some furniture pros who came over and they said: “Lord, Mr. B, here’s why you can’t breathe.” This stuff will make you sick. I asked him if he thought it was black mold and he said “no.” He said it was covered in mildew. They pretreated and said not to think to lay back down on that couch till it at least dried and he said they’d be back to finish up on Friday. A five-hour job! (I just did my own research and I’m pretty sure it is black mold.

So for the first time, my cats and I have moved upstairs into a bedroom, and it’s not so bad. It’s the second day up here and I already feel better. I had to teach Squeak where we were, and made her kind of a step to help her get on the bed. Tonight she finally mastered it on her own, and she she can find her way to the food. She still eats a lot and drinks a lot, so she is doing fine.

And now, you know I can be smart in many ways, and quite stupid in others. As far as I know, I’m back as of now. I have no idea what I’ve missed about Bette. This is new to me. LOL


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13 thoughts on “From Mister D: I’m Sorry For My Absence. Due To Lack Of Common Sense, I Was Shamed Into An Illness Of My Own Design

  1. Sorry to hear about all of this! I hope you’re feeling better and get back to your old self soon.

    Also I’m just saying, I’m not opposed to pictures of the cats being shared…

          1. It’s a line Bette used in her HBO “The Fabulous Bette Midler Show” filmed in Cleveland from 1976 and which you showed a photo from on this posting…remember when she was asked, in her opening “Oh, My My” song….”can you boogie?” You should recall the rest by now…lol

          1. Albert I knew that. I used a laughing emoji and it turned into a question mark, then I wrote LOL. I couldn’t figure out how to delete it on my phone. Go figure! LOL

  2. Mr. D!
    You should know better! There, I scolded you. But you deserve love. Take care of yourself, there aren’t too many of us old queens left! And I’m older than you.
    Be well,
    Martin in La La Land

    1. Thank you Martin! Believe me, I beat myself up pretty good over this. It was stupid, lazy, and I remember telling myself “it’s just water, no big deal!” Lol ?

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