Long Time No See….Beggar’s Banquet And Rumor Squashing

Mister D: Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. Almost six days! I have been piddling around with new pages, but I just don’t know if anyone would find them of interest.

I’m also slowly changing pages out to make things look more consistent looking. Don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but some of the pages look so outdated. Anyway, time is the culprit. And I know what you’re saying, “But Mister D you’re unemployed, you lazy son of a bitch” (Sorry mom, it’s the BetteHeads saying that!!!! 🙂 ) Yes, that’s true, but I’m working hard to find other routes to make money thru writing and playing music. So it will be quite a journey, but I’m excited about it. I do have one article that most likely will be published if I can muster up the confidence to make the changes the editor requested. I just freeze up! Anyway, it started out as a really sad piece, but at the end it dawned on me that there was a positive. I just had not looked at it from a different perspective.

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Beggar’s Banquet:

Now this next part, I just don’t know how to ask this properly without feeling like a total loser or beggar…but it would help a lot if any of you Amazon.com junkies could start buying your products from my site. I get a small per centage of the revenue if you do so….granted it doesn’t amount to much, but it helps. To give you an idea, last year I sold quite a bit and my revenue from that was 115.00 – for a year! Anyway, at this point, anything helps – even if it’s for the upkeep for Bootleg Betty. I have tons of subcriptions to certain things to enhance BLB as much as I can, so I’d most likely be in the red, anyway.(But, just know, I would keep going even if you couldn’t or didn’t want to help.) And, as far as Amazon is concerned, it doesn’t even have to be just Bette stuff that you buy…it takes into account everything, especially if you use the Amazon.com Search Engine on the side bar. You can click below the search engine on the image to bookmark the site to Amazon, so you don’t forget about it. Or you can just buy Bette stuff off this site and it’s all good. And yes, Bette’s team knows…they read BLB (not Bette, though…she doesn’t like reading about herself)…but she is informed. They’ve never asked me to take down anything…not even my rants from long ago…so maybe I should do some more…LOL Especially when the Presidential elections go into full gear…anyway, all embarrassment aside, thank you for reading. Just do what you’re comfortable with….

Also (and this doesn’t have to do with revenue) if you have a site or blog or myspace account, etc., please make a link to Bootleg Betty if you enjoy the site. It just helps bring in more Bette visitors and ultimately benefits her. I’ve been doing a little recruiting (you know us gays…we just love to recruit don’t we…and really, where did this friggin myth come from…LOL) thru different networks and I was surprised at how many fans are out there (a lot of the 40 and older group) that don’t have a clue that there are sites on the internet for their favorite performer. They just didn’t seem to have the time to search or it just didn’t cross their mind. So just know that and let’s get some more BetteHeads into the fold.

OH!!!! Anybody that links to me such as MySpacers and the like….bloggers (non Bette sites, too…just be a Midler fan) send me your link and how you want it to be named….for instance, The Betteheads Myspace would probably be called The BetteHeads: (then there http address: http://www.myspace.com/betteheads ). I’m going to make a New Page for BetteHead links. Just put in the subject field: Bette Links and then how you want it to be listed on the page….you can use the email address on the sidebar.

Okay…enough about me. I’ve probably just crossed all kinds of boundaries, but it won’t be the first time I guess…

Rumor Squashing:

Unfortunatey I received confirmation that there will be no reunion of Bette and Richard Dreyfuss in the movie, “Lust For Life” , and, no, Bette will not be a part of the ensemble cast in the remake of “The Women.” Reading between certain things said to me, it’s the Vegas thing…which should be a “duh” kind of answer. I just think that if the scheduling were right between rounds of shows, movies or new music would not be out of the question. (of course, this part is my opinion) However, to do Vegas nightly for 6 weeks every 3 months (is that right?) would tire the shit out of anybody….just thinking about it is making me go to sleep right here at my laptop…..FEN;Eg’gn’jfgkH’GH’g’Gg’G’….Okay, I’m back again.

More Bootleg Betty Stuff

Just in case, I did change out all the music in Bette’s Ipod Faves…sometimes you will see the same title, but it could be by a different artist. My goal with the above and Bette’s Digital Jukebox is to change it out every month. That goes for the polls, too. I’ll probably be adding tons of photos to The Bettehead Scrapbook, but it may take a bit…Barry and I may be converting to a newer system in order to update the look. In fact, it’s a little in disarray right now…

I guess I’ll have to make a New Features page, too…does it ever end!!!! 🙂

Okay, thanks for reading. I’ll probably be doing some Bette research to post things due to the lull in Bette news…As always, thanks for your support…

Love, Mister D

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