Why Are You Missing So Many Days Mister D (Don)? Oy!


Those that have been following my site for a long time can pretty much attest that I have been posting almost every day since October 2002. That’s a fucking long time. I really did keep my promise, but missing a day here and a day there. I published on holidays, vacation, and even if I had a horrid migraine. And I loved doing it and still do. I have a lot more I want to do with the website that will keep me busy for years,

Everything had been going pretty smooth until last year, Before then the only times I was sick was with either a migraine or a sinus infection. Nothing serious. Also I had always had perfect bloodwork. Everything was as it should be. Then suddenly last year, when I visited the doctor’s office my blood pressure shot up into the stroke levels and I had to be put on meds, but they were not working as well as planned. So I had to make some lifestyle changes, I dropped a lot of caffeine, started exercising, eating better, and I even dropped all social media. I have a fake FB page so I can help out on the Bette Midler page on there. I don’t have any family or friends on it and I never post, I do have an Instagram acct but I barely use it, Social media was killing me mostly because of politics and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, It brought out the worst side of people, even people I admired, I was just sio let down. When I deactivated my accounts I felt a heavy burden lifted off of me,  And my blood pressure started going down. But I still have to take meds.

Then once that was taken care of I started getting lethargic until all I could do was sleep. I could barely walk. I might have started missing BLB days then, Went to the doctor and found out my body stopped producing testosterone and it was called hypogonadism. I’m sorry but what a ridiculous name. So I started laughing and said I can’t tell people I have that.  Then he told me all the things testosterone did for the body, and I just about died, I would no longer be desiring sex, no more erections, no more energy, and he kept reeling off stuff. I just got depressed. He said he was going to send me to a urologist for testosterone injections to bring my levels back up. So I did that for awhile and was feeling ok, but they couldn’t get me back to normal, I know all this is TMI, but bare with me, I felt better, had the desire for sex, but could get no erection not even with the help of pills, I was devastated. They said I had options but they’re too gross for me to talk about, So I was feeling fine with the injections until they did bloodwork on me. My red blood cell count was too high, we tried some things to bring it down, but it didn’t work. Also my kidney function was in danger, and I tested in the range of a pre-diabetic. I  think the last thing is off cause I had a bag of M & M’s before my blood test, LOL.

So now I’m back to a guy that doesn’t produce testosterone. They quit giving me shots and I have to go see a hematologist to rule out any blood diseases. So admittedly I’m scared to death, I missed posting several days this week because going off the testosterone made me extremely tired again and I just couldn’t get up or slept right through the day, I think the worst is over now. I just don’t have any idea where any of this is leading,

Oh during this period my migraines doubled, I’ve become numb on the whole right side of my body, and I slipped and fell in the shower busting my head wide open (ten stitches), I also fell asleep while driving to the doctors and went off the road onto the sidewalk, almost hitting a light pole, but when I hit the curb I woke up and gained control of the car,

OK, This was not to make you feel sorry for me, It’s to let you know why my posting is so erratic and it looks like it might be that way for awhile. I’m a super positive person and I’m very calm in general. So I will approach every doctor with a positive and open manner, I will also do my research on all the things that are happening to me.  So don’t cry for me little Betteheads>! (I don’t know the rest of that song) Anyway, that’s it. Now you can go and post that Mister D can’t get an erection!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Why Are You Missing So Many Days Mister D (Don)? Oy!

    1. Thanks Dana. I just feel better when I’m working. When I can’t that’s when I feel scared. If that makes any sense at all.

  1. Hi Mr. D.
    I have been following bootlegbetty from the beginning. I appreciate all that you have done. Even Bette would agree that your health comes first. If need be, the site can be passed onto other fans to run. I am sorry to hear that you have had some serious accidents at home and on the road. I hope you feel better. It’s tough to get old. I feel it also. If you have interest, check this out. I am hoping to make a lot of money in cryptocurrencies. This new one is growing. They are giving out 5 free coins. Here is my ad:

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  2. Don, I feel for you. Getting more mature (I won’t use the ‘o’ word) is sometimes a bitch. I’m 66 and things out of the blue started hitting me when I turned 60. Surround yourself with people who support and love you. If I was living in NYC, I’d be one of them. I believe in the power of prayer, though I’m not religious, and will certainly include with joy.
    Be well, take care, and God Bless!

    1. Thank you Martin. You’re right about the mature remark. I had been totally fine until I hit 60 then things started happening, one thing after another. Now I’m 62, but the weirdest thing started happening. In some ways I feel younger than I’ve ever felt in a long time, I’m much calmer, and I’m definitely happier than I’ve ever been, even though physically I’m starting to lose the battle. LOL

  3. This is a personal post from the creator of the best Bette Midler website of all time Bootleg Betty. I had the pleasure of meeting him at my second and final Hulaween Ball that I attended with Bette Midler and tons of other celebrities…in late 2003 I believe it was but don’t quote me on that…


  4. Just sent you a note before I read your comment about your health. I was worried about you, because I hadn’t heard from you. I talked to Ray Cooper, and he said your health had not been good, but he thought you were better. Drop me an email when you get a chance.

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