This Is What I Like To Call BLB Goulash: No You Can’t Eat It
But You Can Dish It Out To Your Friends

Mister D:

This is just stuff all thrown together like a grand edible goulash. You should be somewhat nourished by it. I know am. So let’s get started:

Darrell, from Bette On The Boards, has put up another rare find, video-wise, so please check it out:

January 2008

Friends – Rehearsal

From: The Divine Miss M Tour
Filmed: February 19, 1973

Now that’s fulfilling! (OMG, I’m sounding like one of those horrible infomercial people! No offense to any readers who do that. Ya know we all have to make a living somehow…so be sure to go to Bette on The Boards ans check it out: Click Here


Darrell and I are aware that there is a HUGE amount of catalogued, unreleased Bette Midler material…and we want it.. How bout you? So Darrell has come up with this idea and it may take a little teeny bit of work on your part, but not that much you see…so we expect the majority of you to do it….no excuses. Okay these are Darrell’s words now and he’ll tell you what to do. Hit It Darrell:

You didn’t think the songs that appear on Bette’s albums are the only songs she ever recorded, did you? I hope not, because you’ll be in for a big surprise if you did. Catalogued below are some of the many recording sessions that took place during the making of Bette’s early albums. What you’ll find listed in those sessions are many songs that never saw the light of day. This list is far from being complete, but it definitely goes to show how much was actually recorded, and how little of it we’ve actually heard.

Want to help get these songs released? Write to Rhino Records (who now own Bette’s catalogue) and tell them that you know about all these songs that are missing – link to this page if you want – then request that this material finally be released, once and for all! If enough of us show them that there is a demand for these recordings – and no doubt there is – maybe they’ll finally open up the vault and let them out. Spread the word and lets make a difference.

Basically, you want to go to this link on Darrell’s site (and you will be amazed at what has been recorded):

And if you would like to see these songs reach the hole of your ear, either write what you want to say or copy Darrell’s link above into Rhino’s suggestion box: Click Here

  • If you don’t grasp what I’m saying, then make a comment and I will tell you how stupid you are!!! Just kidding…lately I’m not thinking coherently…ask Darrell about the phone conversation last night. If you’re reading Darrell, you were right, I don’t remeber a thing we talked about except how you told me you loved me more than life itself….you’re so sweet! 🙂
  • And last but not least, my brother and I were interviewed by Franklin Life, a small community paper where I live. I really thought it would concentrate on my brother, but I’m the one who lives in Franklin…so the article revolved around me. I almost threw up when I opened the mailbox the other day and my pic with Bette takes up 1/4 of the page.

    Anyway, if you’d like to read it, please do and please make a comment…hopefully nice like the one’s other BetteHeads left on the board. I’d appreciate it. If you know about my brother’s talent mention that, too. I also sing and that could be mentioned…I need to drum up interest to get some work and this would help a lot.

    Okay, I’m just nervous even sharing this (and yes, Miss M Productions know about it), but here’s the article. I made a correction in the comments, too. Thr reporter was cute as can be and very young.

    For the article: Click Here

    I think that’s it…but this is enough…if I remember the rest, I’ll post it.

    Love, Mister D

    PS: I have 2 Facebook accounts called I know I created one, but don’t remember creating the other. If I’m ignoring anybody…it’s that I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t have the time to understand it right now. Give me some time. I have so many projects in the fire…I can’t think…

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    6 thoughts on “This Is What I Like To Call BLB Goulash: No You Can’t Eat It
    But You Can Dish It Out To Your Friends

    1. How in the world does Darell find out about these things???? My kind of fan!!! you guys are genious, you make my day. You have no idea how much I missed all this while I was in rehab (yes, yes, yes…). Hope Amy goes to, after all, she is much more talented than me. LOL!

    2. I agree with “The BetteHeads” Darrell and I talk a lot, well this past month was not so much, but I’ll tell him about “thank you’s” that people send him.

      I think part of the reason might be the “forn box” you have to contact him with, if I remember correctly, but even that just takes less than 15 seconds…unless you type like me….

      Love, Mister D

      PS: Thanks “BetteHeads” for bringing this subject to attention. And thanks, Darrell, ya little bitch! Don’t hurt me…. 🙂

    3. This probably should have gone on the previous Parade article, because I LOVED the new press release photos that I’ve already made them my wallpaper. I always like to throw out random questions that I find it difficult to just pull up the answer.

      Who designs the Delores DeLago costumes? …

      1) the 2-piece version used in “Divine Madness” (I know there’s a different 2-piece one that was used in “ETD” tour and “Art or Bust” but those, I find, are probably the least popular.
      2) the 1-piece used in “Diva Las Vegas” and “Divine Miss Millennium” Tour
      3) the green & “Hello, Dolly” red one used in “Kiss My Brass” & the press release photos.

      The reason I ask, of course, is because I am doing a show at the end of March and find it essential that I get a decent mermaid costume created (I know some people) but was just curious to see how many of these designers are the same person or if they are. I didn’t want to assume it was Bob Mackie but I have no idea. All this “Project Runway” has not helped my sense of good designers.

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