Bit’s O’ Bette And More….

Mister D:

I put up some new music in Bette’s Ipod Faves. Hope you enjoy some of the other versions of Bette songs. I’ll be putting up some more tomorrow…taking down a few old ones.

I also added 2 more videos on the Bette network – BMTV. Most of you have seen these I believe…”From A Distance” – Live at the Grammy’s, 1991 and “My Favorite Waste Of Time” from a Cinemax special.

Also my apologies to Mr. Eric Kornfeld. Many of you will remember him as the primary writer for the KMB tour. Well, he will be working his magic full time for the Vegas show. I’ll be speaking to him some time this week and hopefully will find out more.

Many of you have been writing to ask when the next set of Bette shows will start. The answer to that is late June thru July 2008. As far as when tix go on sale…it’s a mystery to everyone I’m connected with. Ticketmaster is known for their secrecy and a lot of times even the artists don’t know when they go on sale. However, I have been able to get tips before….and I always send out an update as soon as I find out.

So there are several things you can do:

* Subscribe to BLB
* Subscribe to Ticketmaster alerts
* Subscribe to Bette updates on her site
* Keep your own eyes and ears open for the dates. Last go round it took everybody by surprise minutes before the tix went on sale…

Okay, that’s all….

Much love,

Mister D

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