On Bette Midler w/ Kevin Winkler & Charles Kirsch Live

The Drama Book Shop presents, in association with Jay Michaels Global Communications, “On Bette Midler, An Opinionated Guide”

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In today’s episode, author Kevin Winkler returns for the second part of our discussion of his fascinating new book, On…

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Sensational, breathtaking, outstanding, or – as in the new book "On Bette Midler" by Kevin Winkler – another, better word…

Kevin Winkler’s ‘On Bette Midler’ — An Interview

In her own distinctive way, the divine Bette Midler has been telling her own story throughout her career.

Podcast: “On Bette Midler: An Opinionated Guide.”

Kevin Winkler shares his love for Bette Midler and what led him to publish his third biographical book, "On Bette…

Podcast: Kevin Winkler Talks New Book On Bette Midler

In this episode, I spoke with Kevin Winkler about his book "On Bette Midler: An Opinionated Guide".

New Book “On Bette Midler” By Kevin Winkler May 21

For more than 50 years, Bette Midler has been at the center of the entertaiment world as a uniquely talented…