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Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Mashup: My Night At Cher’s “Burlesque Premiere” And Bette Midler’s Need For Some Props on “The Graham Norton Show”

Bette Midler on the Graham Norton Show displaying my Delores Doll

Mister D: I’m trying to remember as much detail as I can about this. I just felt so overwhelmed at the time.

My mother is a long time friend of the guy who runs the movie studio that made the movie, Burlesque. His name is Clint Culpepper. They make tons of movies. So we flew out to Hollywood for this one. My mom had done this before and she had also gone to awards shows and met many famous people. She once lectured Spike Lee on something, so I’m glad I was never there. Anybody who knows my mom will tell you she has no fear. She also went to Chris Brown’s first movie, when he was just starting to rise. She made such an impression on him, he came over at the after party and asked her to dance with him. Little did he know, my mom loves to dance, ham it up, and take over the whole floor. Supposedly, they had a blast. ...  Read More

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Night At The Opera

Moreover Frock Opera A Dressed-Up Opening Night at the Met Inside Lincoln Center last night, it wasn’t your typical night at the opera. With Yves Saint Laurent sponsoring the Met’s gala premiere of Rossini’s Armida, girls in gowns lit up the cocktail hour, and the show itself (which stars Renée Fleming as a Syrian sorceress who puts an army of Crusaders under her spell) got a bit of a glamour boost from the stars in the audience. One of them was Camilla Belle, who apparently feels right at home in the box seats. She’d spent the weekend seeing Broadway shows (In the Heights, Red) and grew up listening to Mozart (“he inspired me to play the piano”) and singing in her high school choir. “It was a really respected group at my school. Luckily, we weren’t made fun of at all,” Belle assured us. “And my choir director was obsessed with Renée Fleming, so he’s going to have a breakdown when I tell him that I watched her.” Meanwhile, Chloë Sevigny chatted with her Big Love co-star Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Gyllenhaal paired off with Patricia Clarkson, and Bette Midler explained that she was one of very few guests at the pre-show dinner to have played the Met before. “I sang for a private individual—a man with a lot of money,” she recalled. “And exquisite taste!” — Darrell Hartman Reblog this post [with Zemanta]
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