BootLeg Betty




(Thomas McKinney)

He gets up each morning and he goes downtown
Where everyone’s his boss
And he’s lost
In an angry land
He’s a little man

But then he comes uptown
Each evening to my tenement
Uptown where folks don’t have to pay much rent
And when he’s there with me
He can see that he’s everything
The man is tall
He don’t crawl
He’s a king

Downtown he’s just one of a million guys
He don’t get no breaks
And he takes all they got to give
‘Cause he’s got to live

But then he comes uptown
Where he can hold his head up high
And uptown he knows I’m gonna be standing by
And when I take his hand
There’s no man who can put him down, down, down
Oh, the world’s so sweet at his feet when he’s uptown
When he’s uptown

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