Happy Valentine’s Day to all BetteHeads


Happy Valentine’s Day to all BetteHeads

Darrell and I have acquired some special gems from the old “David Frost Show”…who? If you have to ask, then I already loathe you 🙂 Anyhoo, we are both featuring them on our respective sites over the weekend. Here’s a description from Darrell’s own Canadian lips:

“These songs date back to 1970 when Bette was performing in the show Salvation, even before the Continental Baths. So be sure to visit www.bootlegbetty.com and www.betteontheboards.com to check them out. They’ll be available for a very limited time, so this is your only opportunity to hear something special. I’d like to send thanks to those of you who have visited and enjoyed our pages, and also to those of you who haven’t. “

The songs include: “Am I Blue?”, “Come Up And See Me Sometime”, C. C. Rider”, and “My Forgotten Man”

These are so rare and classy I dared myself to put them up…HOWEVER, to make up for the stab at tastefulness, I also included one of the WORST recordings I have ever HEARD…it’s from the album (that’s right, vinyl) entitled, “The Greatest Show On Earth: Elvis Singing Duets”…it’s a copy/paste job of Elvis singing “You Don’t Know Me” with Bette (hint: they are singing in different keys)…When I say copy/paste…you’ll understand when you hear it, but be forewarned…I can’t believe anyone got away with this and survived. Darrell found it and bought the album…but his sites to classy to play it 🙂

However, there is always room for bad taste on my site…I venture to say I dedicate it to some “un-named, but they know who they are” low-lifes who could use a little unnerving shake-up as this…the titles kind of apropo, too…
That’s so mean, but, hey…they never visit or write:-( Now I’m sad…okay…now I’m not!!!

Other news: There was a Bette sighting today at Cynthia Rowley’s fashion show…Bette even made the news because she was drawing cartoons of the fashion editors…hmmm, wonder if this means anything…getting ideas for a tour….costumes and props…slow news day…:-)

Also this week, Mister V let us know that Bette still plans to go on tour this Fall…even tho he will be touring, too…yes, he’s omnipotent (and no that’s not the same thing as impotent…look it up!!!!) 😉

Got the new issue of EW and they have a list of who will be on Caroline Rhea next week…NO MENTION OF BETTE BEING ON CAROLINE RHEA…so I don’t know what to tell ya…People are hearing it being mentioned on TV during the ads, but this has been going on for 2 weeks or more….what’s up, RHEA?

Ok…this update is too long for even ME…I’m bored, stuffed, and ready to eat more chocolate…All Have Great Weekend!!!!

Love, Mister D

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