In The Tradition of La Liz, La Adams…Now LA D!…..DA


Just received word from our all time fave “almost famous”, emmy winning, t-shirt expressin’, ex-Hollywood squarer, lyric writin’, play actin’, writer to the stars funnyman with a penchant for eye catchin’ eyewear that he is at this moment in New York City “putting Miss M back in harness.” If you don[‘t know who I’m talking about, then do a little research:-) How this man does all he does, I’ll never know…

On a more serious note, everyone please send Darrell your love and support. He is pretty much bedridden in Toronto with a nasty cold, sneeze, and sore throat….so send warm thoughts hs way, so we can get him back on the comps again…..

Love Mister D

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