Happy Mother’s Day MOM, Bette, and all My MotherReaders!!!


Happy Mother’s Day Katie (MoM)….you’re son will be a-callin’ And you know how much I love you! My mom had the pleasure of meeting Bette back in 2001 at the NY NY benefit…Bette even gave her a big ole hug (I think it was because Bette felt sorry that I dragged my mom all over the states to see her for 30 years…anyway, Bette was most gracious to my mother.

I, on the other hand, met just about everybody else there except Bette. I always seem to try to keep my distance…admiring from afar. Of course I had my chance to meet her, but I guess I just wasn’t ready. But it was fun watching my mom talking to her and then Bette reaching out to give her a hug…

Happy Mom’s Day to Bette (yes I know she doesn’t read here, but I have to say it:-)) I know you’ve been just as wonderful a mom to Sophie as my mom has been to my brother and I. I very much respect what I’ve read on how you raised Sophie….Hope you have a beautiful day!

And Happy Mom’s Day to all my MotherReaders!!! And that includes those with just pets for children, too! Here’s hoping you all have a grand and special day, whether spending it with loved ones or alone just to “take a break”…whatever you do, do it for you..

This is your day!

Love, Mister D

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