Updates: 05/11/03–Hello All You Mothers!!!!


Well, I hope everyone that considers themselves a mother of some type or another had a wonderful and glorious day. It was beautiful here in Nashville and I gave myself the treat of nude sunbathing…well it was a treat for me, but NOT for others. There was no wildlife in SIGHT after that!

Also wanted to say a special Happy Birthday to Snook today. Hope you had one of those all weekend birthdays:-)

And a belated Happy Birthday to Miss Jane…how did I forget???? I’ll tell you…I’m MALE!!!

Last Weeks Poll showed most of you were looking forward the most to Bette’s tour, but if more had voted I think that the second choice would have won out and that was….it was too hard to decide which of Bette’s projects you were looking forward to the most. This weeks poll should be somewhat harder, but one selection gives you an out and I should not have given you that choice…but it is Mother’s Day!!!

New Music Is Up in the Jukebox and in the Bootleg Betty songwriter section…
The Bette stuff has a couple of Manilow thingies in it due to their upcoming collaboration…hope you enjoy…

The songwriters section feature Nellie Lutcher performing her song, “Hurry on Down”….then I also have the original versions of “Up The Ladder” by the post Diana Ross Supremes, and a particularly wretched but hilarious version of Sean Connery doing “In My Life” 🙂 You’ll notice links to bios and albums you can buy….

Mister V has been kind enough to give us Betteheads an exclusive. The tour has been postponed, but only for about a month so Bette can finish her obligations for her role in “The Stepford Wives”….the new date is November 7th in Chicago….but it is tentative, but nice to know. So thank you Mister V for your kindness in even taking the time…you’re busy enough…

Darrell has been helping me out with Mister V’s site or at least keeping on my ass about it…I’m paralyzed with fear, however, but it will happen:-)
And BTW, Darrell has been real sick, but getting better…so if you have time or the inclination, give him some “positive soup”

I’ve met a couple of great artists who share our affinity for the DIVINE and they are sharing their artwork with me…and I absolutely love it. So you’ll be seeing some of their stuff here and there…I may have to make a new section. They are Scott and Tom Miro. So mucho thanks, guys!

Hope I’m not forgetting anything! I’m just in a great mood and hope everyone else is feeling great. So much to be thankful for!

Love, Peace, and Friendship,

Mister D

P.S. Don’t forget the Caroline Rhea show on the 15th of this week. I know she has been cancelled, but the Bette show will still hopefully run….

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