My Thoughts On The Duets…

I’ve been at work all day and have been pondering the potential female duet partner that will sing with Bette. It has been driving me crazy. I’ve seen some of the comments made by some of you and many of them have actually crossed my mind also….but none have seemed right as of yet. Although for a second, I found Mama Rose’s Queen Latifah very intriquing….

However the more I think about it, it seems that this album/CD is to be a loving tribute to Ms. Clooney so some of the choices that I really liked seemed to “campy”….so I started thinking of women singers closer to that genre of music….2 women kept popping up in my head that I believe were great believers in the torch that Ms. Clooney carried for so long….so for better or worse, I’ve narrowed my choice down to either Linda Ronstadt or k.d. lang…the song that seems most likely to be covered will be “Sisters”….that’s where I stand now.

As for the 2 duets with Manilow, I think for sure I have one right…I’ll have to think more about the other one. My choice or belief is that one of the songs will be “Ya Got Class” It’s fun and upbeat…I’ll get back to you on my second pick.

I may add everyone’s selection to the new CD page and see if any of us come close:-) So mail me your choices if you’d like. Nobody’s judging anybody…it’s just for fun…

A great and kind Manilow fan was kind enough to send me some pics of Bette and Barry that I’d like to put up soon. If anybody has any pics of Bette with Ms. Clooney, I’d sure appreciate it if you could send me those to share with the group. I really appreciate all the support and feedback I’ve gotten from everybody. It was great to hear from the administrator, Kathy Brown, from the official Rosemary club and her feedback. We’ve sort of been compiling our own little list of songs that we felt might be recorded….

Kathy and the Rosemary group are very excited about this project as well. She said she couldn’t think of two other people that could pull this off without a worry….talking of Bette and Barry of course:-) I just thought I’d share that with everybody….

Thanks again to the Barry and Rosemary groups for their input.

Love, Mister D

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