Update Addendum Exclusive: More News On Bette/Barry/Rosemary CD


Sometimes I just can’t help myself when it comes to curiosity. I tried to finagle some of the songs Bette might be recording with Mr. Manilow, without any finesse at all I might add, from Mister V. But you know he is much smarter and showbiz savvy than I, Mister D….

However, he gave some clues which I thought would be fun to share…this will get our brains to churning and our hearts to fluttering….anyway, I love solving things like this. Mister V will try to help on the song list, but alot depends on how secretive Mr. Manilow is about the CD…

I was conveyed this much information:

The majority of recording is finished. Bette and Barry go back in the studios for some re-takes and maybe adding additional vocals this week…then finis!!!

There will be at least 2 duets with Bette and Barry….

There will be one duet with a ‘big girl singer”….now I don’t know if Mister V meant she was a big boned gal or a major female vocalist (ooohhh…maybe it’s Britney…OMG!!!!)…this clue is particularly interesting and should keep us guessing…but I still want to find out before the CD comes out….maybe we should all start guessing….send me your thoughts at: webmaster@bootlegbetty.com

For the duets, he said to look over Ms. Clooney’s song list and the songs could probably be figured out…

Also there has been talk of “The Meddler’s” movie popping up again with Streisand as a co-star. As far as the movie, I was told he had not heard this at all….the latest was that Streisand had joined the cast….yeah, right!

As for working with Streisand: “any chatter about bette and barbra ever doing anything together are groundless”….and this LOL is mine:-)

Anyway, thanks Bruce, for giving us these clues or else we’d be grabbing at straws…..this is quite fun:-)

Love, Mister D

P.S. This has nothing to do with the above, but I thought it worth mentioning that Darrell has posted the song “Stay With Me” by Janis Joplin on his site…if you have never heard this, it’s quite a treat because it’s one of the most rare tracks ever…very hard to find:

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