Mister D Sorta Takes A Holiday


Hey Betteheads: I’ve decided to take the week off…so no new music, no new polls, and no news…unless something really big happens…

I haven’t taken much real time off since last October….even on my vacations…so I hope you understand and can bear with me…

I won’t be totally slug-like…I plan to have Mister Vilanch’s site up by the end of week in it’s minimal foundation…I’m looking forward to doing this and it will be a work in progress just like Bootleg Betty is…I’m learning new things about Mister V everyday and if I keep waiting to know everything, I’ll never get it done:-)

If I have extra time, I’ll slowly put up new things, but I think you all have enough to digest for a week. Catch up on some Rosemary Clooney songs…what a class act. Her library of music should keep you guessing as to what Bette might record. I’d love to hear from you Betteheads and what you think she might record. I have a few choice picks, but it would be nice to get a list up and see how many we get…

All of you have a wonderful week and “be the miracle”. Yes, I saw the new Jim Carrey movie…loved the message….

Much love,

Mister D

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