Manilow and the Finishing Touches…An Ouch…His Nose!


Liz Smith

BARRY MANILOW boasts two fa mous things — his voice and his nose. The latter is a noble nose adored by his fans.

Well, the other night, half-asleep, he turned into a wall in his Palm Springs house and busted the schnoz. He says he’d just spent two weeks in Malibu producing the Rosemary Clooney tribute album with Bette Midler and he was a bit “disoriented.” (He has a lot on his plate — his own two-CD recording “Two Nights Live” and a Broadway-bound musical “Harmony.”)

“Too many hotels!” says Barry, who may have to have surgery. Will he emerge with a more petite profile? Maybe Barry never wanted to change what the good Lord gave him, but now he’s been given a greenlight.

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