Sara, The Divine Nanny from the Netherlands Plays Super Sleuth

Correction: I was informed that Linda did not get to go with the other 2 girls to New York, but I’m sure she was there in spirit with her Divine Dutchie comrades….so I’m leaving her name in there. Somebody had to hold down the Bette Fort in Nether, NetherLand:-)

Sara, Jaqueline, and Linda (hope I got that right girls) just vacationed in New York and were kind enough to send me some pics of where Bette was to be filming in New York City. The sound stage is the Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Anyway, you can see how “closed” this project is because you could not get very close and sheets covered even the buildings. But I think it’s great that Sara and the gals gave it their best shot and were very excited. New York, in and of itself is exciting.

The pics are in the update section of “The Stepford Wives” page….they are in the last 5 articles….enjoy.

And thank you so much ladies….

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