Hey Cali: Hollywood Theatre To Show “The Rose” Sept 2, 2003


Mister D: Anyone who has never seen this on the big screen should make an effort if you are nearby. Mark Rydell will be on hand for a Q&A.

The Rose Returns

Hollywood’s Master Storytellers presents the newly restored version of the classic rock film The Rose on September 2nd at the ArcLight in Hollywood.

By Nadine Hamdan

The Rose, the motion picture that launched the acting career of Bette Midler with an Academy Award nominated performance, is getting a major face lift from 20th Century Fox. The studio is in the final stages of restoring the rock classic that features electrifying concert footage of “The Divine Miss M” performing in front of live audiences. Director Mark Rydell and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond personally supervised the restoration.

The popular Hollywood’s Master Storytellers program from Meyer Multimedia Productions will present the first public screening of the newly restored film on Tuesday, September 2nd, at 7:30 p.m. at ArcLight Hollywood followed by a live Q&A with Rydell and veteran entertainment reporter Dennis Michael.

“The Rose was one of the most influential and important films of its time,” said HMS creator and producer Gordon Meyer. “Bette Midler’s performance is one of the most incredibly dynamic ever achieved by an actress. This was her first starring role in a motion picture and it truly made her a star.” Midler was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the title role.

The Rose also set new standards in showcasing musical artists on screen. Director Rydell staged several live concerts in front of audiences of thousands of fans and used nine cameras to capture the magic. Unlike similar scenes in other films where the songs were pre-recorded and the performers lip synched in front of the audience, Midler performed all of her songs live and in character before. “The Rose captures the excitement and raw energy of a live concert better than just about any scripted film out there,” said HMS host Dennis Michael. “That concert footage is on a par with the best concert films, including Woodstock, in my opinion.”

Rydell, who began his directing career helming television classics like Gunsmoke, I Spy and Ben Casey and later went on to earn an Academy Award nomination for On Golden Pond, will be Dennis Michael’s guest for an in depth Q&A following the film. Contemporary audiences have also seen Rydell as an actor, playing Woody Allen’s agent in his recent comedy Hollywood Ending. “I’m very excited to have Mark Rydell as my guest on September 2nd,” Michael said. “He has some of the best range of any director, and I think The Rose is a master work. He truly is a Master Storyteller.”

Meyer Multimedia Productions presents Hollywood’s Master Storytellers on the first and third Tuesday of each month at ArcLight Hollywood. Upcoming presentations include producer Howard Gottfried with the Academy Award winning satire Network on September 16th, writers Karen Lutz & Kirsten Smith plus director Robert Luketic with Legally Blonde (the original) on September 30th and writer Gary Goldman with Total Recall on October 7th.

Tickets are available at the ArcLight box office and online at: www.arclightcinemas.com

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