Bullet Points from Sony’s Early Efforts To Promote Bette


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Mister D: I’m sure some of these things may be subject to change and some things already have. They had the tour as starting Dec 4 th and we know that’s wrong now, it’s Dec 10th…but here are some of the major points made…hopefully they will have or give another push as the tour starts and through it…

* Launching Bette’s official website
* Cross-marketing Bette’s site to multiple sites across the baord.
* The tour is supposed to run thru March 2004 (this could change)
* Major push to market to Bette’s demographic and Ms. Clooney’s demographic.
* Major push will be made throughout the tour. Ms. Clooney’s songs will be featured (I thought that would be a given:-))
* Adult radio formats will receive the track “This Old House and “Hey There” to help set up and raise awareness of the album and in-store date. (My thoughts: should have released a bang-up dance mix ahead of time to clubs of “Mambo”…This Ole House is rather unusual that maybe it will work, but me thinks, as always lately, the labels missed the boat)
* “White Christmas” will be sent out the end of October to be worked at multiple formats for the holiday season (that’s a good move….thumbs up on that guys)

Selling Points:
These are not all, but some:

* Bette has historically placed in the Top 5 grossing concerts in a calendar year.
* Ample local promotions are being implemented in most tour cities.
* Bette has sold over 14 million albums during her career (there ya go Bruno and Dustin-not an exact number, but close enough)
* Bette and Barry will do an on-line chat the week of release…venue pending (this , obviously did not happen this week, but will probably be rescheduled…this most likely has to do with the Stepford Wives being late…you know how wives are always late…Just kidding!!!!!)


* National print media campaign will support the release.
* TV spot advertising will support Bette’s television appearances.

Press and TV:

* All appearances will happen the week of release (did not happen accept for The Today Show and a badly edited 5 second spot on Access Hollywood…rescedules will probably happen…think Stepford Wives again)
* The other TV shows she was to appear on the week of release: The View and David Letteman….so keep your eyes peeled for reschedules)

The Internet Campaign: I had already printed this, but keep eyes peeled for the following:

* All relevant lifestyle/women’s/gay sites to stream EPK footage and do contests with:
– Womans Day Magazine and Website (should happen in the December issue)
– E! Online: On-line and Off-line promotions with on-air mentions driving people to the contest section of their site…
– Premiere Magazine
– MSN.com (they host the Access Hollywood site)
– Elle.com
– OUT Magazine On-line
– HX Magazine On-Line

Strategic Marketing
* “we will be working with niche marketing companies to maximize exposure to the gay community, a key demographic for Miss M”

Love, Mister D

I know nothing else except for what I just informed you…thanks for reading.

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