Updates For Halloween: 10-20-03


Sketch: Sammy Miro

New Halloween Animation: That ratty-assed exclusive group and some of my other detractors will absolutely LOVE THIS (my ears have been burning lately). Barry has concocted a piece where Mister D gets his due….I love it! Maybe this will put a smile on your pursed lipped frowns…

New Music Up In The Bootleg Betty Jukebox: It’s Halloween Time so everything is upbeat and fun. Hope you enjoy the choices.

New Music Up In “Others Sing Bette”: This time out we have all Ms. Clooney covers including a dance remix of Mambo (2000) with Ms. Clooney, a bizarre dance version of K.T. Oslin singing Come On a My House, and the most countrified version I’ve ever heard of “This Ole House” by the Statler Brothers…too fun to listen to…

The New Polls Are Up with a new Painting by Tom Miro….very scary. Thanks to Irish for the major poll idea! I’m needing all the help I can get at this point…

Results from the Old Polls:

Favorite Track off New CD: Mambo Italiano, On A Slow Boat, and This Ole House

Out of These Songs The Label Wants To Promote Which Would You Pick As The First Single? The runaway pick was “Mambo Italiano

What Was Your Favorite Performance From The Today Show?On A Slow Boat followed closely by Come On A My House

Should Venues Make Deals with Corporations Which Allow A Select Group Early Access To Concert Tix? A slam dunk “NO” was the overwhelming answer…so kiss our ass Amex Gold and Get Access…..even if we do own one or subscribe to….:-)

In Other News:

Bette will be on The View tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 21, 2003)…the mother of all the estrogen hows…hope they give her enough time to sing…

Bette is in the new Globe magazine (wash your hands afterwards), the music issue of Vanity Fair, last week’s US, and supposedly on the next issue of “More”…and also see if you can find last week’s Billboard (it’s a keeper)

Keep your eye out on Ticketmaster and more shows to go on sale…usually sales are on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday…

Darrell’s got some cool stuff on his board…2 new concerts up

Terri’s Experience the Divine is looking mighty fine….check it out!

Also Bruce is slaying them in Boston…the reviews just keep getting better. Also know that they are finally releasing “get bruce” on DVD, but not until after Christmas. I’ve updated some links in his Bruceography…people have been writing in about enjoying some of the older history…so I’m starting in the beginning and moving up…

I think that’s about it….thanks to those who have been sending e-mails of support and great ideas…it’s nice to work as a team….

Good luck on all the ticket buying. My area hasn’t gone on sale yet, so wish me luck, too:-)

Think that’s a wrap…

Love, Mister D

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