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Sometimes I Hate Being Right…A Recap of “The View”

Mister D: The post below comes from the little elf I have chained to the living room sofa to witness all things Divine. Of course there is no time to sing when one is kvetching with 4 other women…so that will be a disappointment when I finally get to watch this tonight. Would have been nice to have Miss M singing in order to promote her CD…sometimes just talking about it doesn’t do the trick. Hope she books the band with Letterman and Leno soon. BTW, I always thought Bette seemed a little miffed by that surprise renunion on Roseanne…but glad she and Barry made up…they are too good together:

I don’t have time to transcribe Bette’s interview on The View, but she
didn’t sing. She was on for about 7 minutes. She talked about the time
she was on the Roseanne Show, and was surprised with the Harlettes and
Barry. And how angry she was about that. That’s what she means in these
interviews when she says they made up. She wasn’t talking about being
angry when he left her back in 1974. She said he called her the next
morning after the Roseanne Show and told her she had the choice of going
with the moment in a positive way, and she instead chose the negative. She
apologized, and they hadn’t spoken too often since until he called about
the dream of the Rosie album. She said she’s so glad he forgave her and
he’s back in her life. She said the old days in the early 70s were great
fun, and he’s like a brother. She said she’s glad to be back on tour, and
has very young Harlettes. And she’ll have a big screen and some surprise
guests. Don’t know if that means they’ll be on the screen, or in
person. She finished by talking about her clean up projects. She had on a
black thin sweater with a white skirt and black high boots. She was the
first guest about 14 minutes into the show.

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