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“Can’t they do something about that?” That’s what Bette Midler said a few weeks ago when asked about The Bottom Line, the legendary New York club in danger of being evicted by New York University. Why does she care? Because The Bottom Line was an early supporter of Bette’s career, as it was of many other artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.

The answer to Bette’s question is “YES!”. We can do something about that and we are. And since you’re supporters of Bette we were hoping we could count on your help. Because I’m a New Yorker, a music fan and an NYU alum I’ve been trying to prevent my alma mater from making this huge mistake . One of the groups I believe the NYU administration might fear, and maybe even listen to, is the NYU alumni, so one of the projects I’m working on is mobilizing that group.

To that end we’ve put up a NYU Alumni petition at:

There is also a petition for people who just want to support the club at:

Because the clock is ticking we’re trying to publicize the petition in places where people who care about the music and The Bottom Line are. It seemed obvious to me that Bootleg Betty might be one of those places. It would be hugely helpful to the club’s survival if you could let your readers know that the fight is
not over and also mention and/or link to the petition. There is also a petition for non-alum who just want to express their support for the club. I’ve attached the letter that we’ve been sending to alumni below.

If you could let your readers know what’s going on, post the letter, parts of it or create your own message it would help immensely. Of course because the club is due back this Thursday every second counts. If you have any questions or ideas to add, feel free to contact me at any time at

I thank you in advance,
Jeff Lang

Dear Fellow NYU Alum,

The Bottom Line has been a part of the cultural fabric of Greenwich Village for 30 years. For many of us it has also been an important part of the NYU experience. Unfortunately that experience is now in danger of extinction. Adding insult to injury that extinction would come at the hands of the club’s landlord, our alma mater.

You may have already heard that NYU has taken measures to evict The Bottom Line. You may have also heard that Sirius Satellite Radio stepped in to pay the back rent The Bottom Line owed to NYU. While that generous act has granted the club a short reprieve, the club is still in serious danger. The owners of The Bottom Line are due back in court on October 23, at which time NYU appears ready to resume their plans to evict.

It appears that University may not understand the importance of this issue. We have learned the following through concerned sources inside the University and City Government:

1. The new lease that NYU presented The Bottom Line is twice the amount of the lease proposed by NYU in 2000, at the peak of the real estate boom.

2. NYU, as a nonprofit institution, pays less than $60,000 a year in taxes on the entire building, an amount far bellow NYU’s yearly lease revenues from The Bottom Line alone.

3. NYU claims to be “subsidizing the club” yet has no other expenses other than these taxes as the landlord.

4. NYU stands to additionally gain by improvements made to the property by The Bottom Line.

Fortunately as alumni, a group that NYU doggedly pursues for contributions, we have leverage with the administration. We can use that leverage to demand that NYU do the right thing in dealing with The Bottom Line. We can let the current administration know that to do otherwise would be disregarding the history of the Village and tarnishing the image of the University. NYU has a huge opportunity to embrace The Bottom Line as an important asset for the school and its students rather than shortsightedly focusing merely on their real
estate portfolio. We can’t let them miss this opportunity.

By following the link to our petition in support of The Bottom Line, you can use your power as an alum to let NYU know that they can’t destroy this cultural institution without paying a price.

Please Sign and Voice your Support:

To that end we’ve put up a NYU Alumni petition at:


There is also a petition for people who just want to support the club at:

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