True or False?: Can Someone Verify Bush at Madison Square Garden Sunday Night?

According to a BLB reader:

“I had a cabbie last night who said that Bush was attending Bette’s Sunday night concert. I guess there was a ton of traffic on 7th AVE around MSG and there were a ton of secret service cars so he turned on the radio and he said they announced it. He might have been making it up…not really sure!”

Mister D: Well, I would say, who wouldn’t want to see the greatest entertainer in the world playing Madison Square Garden!!!??? However, we’re talking Bushie here…he probably thought he could get a horsey ride on Seabiscuit, but when Midler told him to mosey on off…he had his cowpokes stop Seabiscuit in his tracks leaving a damsel in distress!:-) Just a yoke…you know the rest…:-)

Love, Mister D

PS: Hope to have a bunch of regular updates by tonight. Thanks to all for writing in about your experiences…

If anybody has any pics to share…I sure could use them to go with all these reviews in the reviews section…so send away…

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