Updates Out The Ass: 01-19-04

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Photo Scan: BaltoBoy Steve

Okay, folk…this has been one helluva week in real life and in Bette life.

I’ve got music changed out in the jukebox, so please visit Mister D’s Bar…he’s gotta helluva singer in there:-)

The BootlegBetty Records is a little different this time because it’s karaoke time…you get to do the singing! I’ve got about 3 semi-hits of Bette’s in there that you normally don’t see…so sing out, BetteHeads, Sing OUT!!!! Maybe those of you who are brave enough should send me your renditions…we’ll have some kind of door prize like a Bootleg Betty Messenger Bag or Thong for the best entry…could be fun and/or scary!!!!:-)

The next 2 polls that went down looked like this (the results):

On Her New Tour, You Are Most Surprised Bette Is Not Singing

Stay With Me Baby 49.8%
Mambo Italiano 32.2%
In These Shoes 7.5%
I’m Beautiful 7.1%
Pretty Legs 3.4%

In Kiss My Brass Which Of These Songs Are You Most Glad To Hear Bette Sing?

When A Man Loves A Woman 22.9%
Stuff Like That There 21.6%
Shiver Me Timbers 11.8%
Skylark 11.1%
Keep on Rockin 10.8%
Big Noise 4.9%
Come On A My House 4.9%
Nobody Else But You 3.9%
That’s How Heartaches are Made 3.3%
Chapel of Love 2.9%
The Perfect Kiss 1.0%
Tenderly 1.0%

There are tons of reviews in the tour review section…just added a bunch of MSG reviews and Pics…so enjoy….

Darrell is back on at Bette on the Boards and he’s whipped up his own version of a Kiss My Brass Page…he always outdoes me, but we are a team…so there!!!! He’s also looking for help in getting the itinerary for the Divine Miss Millineum (sp) together so he can make another fabulous tour page. So if anyone can help him out with this….please do:


Thanks to Rich for sparking my mind for some poll ideas…I didn’t do it exactly how he told me to do it, so I’m assuming I will be scolded…but there’s more to come…he’s given me a good amount of ideas…

There are some rumours about some tour dates….Grand Rapids, another show at MSG in March, and an added date to Boston as well in March…I’ll put those up when I get more confirmation…

Darrell, Snook, and I have decided not to share any audio and video of Kiss My Brass if we run into any out of respect for Ms. Midler and the band….esp while the tour is in Progress….I mean, how rude! So far, I don’t know of anyone doing this, but…To paraphrase Bette, our standards may be low, but we do have them…LOL I love that! And for God’s sake, don’t spend a fortune buying a bootleg on EBAY….it is almost a certain that one day Midlerobilia will get some and you can get it there and therefore contribute to Bette’s charity….NYRP

Okay…I think that’s it…you can all go back to watching American Idol now!

Love, Mister D

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