Sometimes Writing A Letter Gets Results…So Get ProActive


Sometimes Writing A Letter Gets Results…we’ve seen it happen, ie, when many of us felt the movie “Beaches” was slighted in EW’s Tearjerker issue. Bette fans knew that movie belonged in theTop 50 and writing in put her in the top spot for the overlooked.

Sometimes a reviewer can just be totally off the mark in their analysis. It’s one thing for a reviewer to be constructive, but it’s something else when they not only insult the artist, but also the fans. Sounds like this viewer has an axe to grind.

Check it out and if you feel this is insulting, then send this person, Ettore Toppi, some constructive criticism via email. You don’t have to call anyone names to get your point across….we know what kind of clubs cater to that crowd.

Anyway, here’s the review: Click Here

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