Billboard Charts: 02-07-04


Photo: BaltoBoy Steve

Only 4 artists fill up the Top Ten Concert charts for this issue of Billboard Magazine…

Bette takes 3 of the spots with single dates while the others beat her out because multiple shows were counted for them….

Anyway, she placed an extaordinary run coming in at Number 6 for her sold out show in Philly, then number 7 for Detroit, and then numebr 9 for her Toronto stop….

For these 3 shows she grossed….$3, 370, 583.00…not shabby!!!

Meanwhile, her CD, while still GOLD, took a big jump up the Top 200 charts going from number 121 to numer 94! That’s fabulous considering no airplay!

In the meantime….where oh where is that Mambo Italiano Remix….come on Sony…the time is right…!

Love. Mister D

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