KMB REview: Oakland (Thanks Richie B:-)

Well, she was at her best..

Seated 1st row center, we both made eye contact.

The show was basically the same, (see my San Jose review with all the typos). The second half was much better and included not only “The Rose” but and
encore..”Friends” Her voice and the acoustics were wonderful.

She included jokes about both Oakland and San Francisco, and of course the Sophie jokes. Thanks to the expert team of Eric and Bruce.

Being seated dead center, and with roses on my chair, THEY WERE NOTICED!
At the end of “The Rose”, I stood up and she looked at me, as if to say come over. Of course, I did. She took them and hugged them. Bette seemed overwhelmed by the audience response.

I was told later that Chris Isack told Bette he thought,giving her the roses after
“The Rose” was staged.

Bette then proceeded to come to the edge of the stage and acknowlege me with the microphone, I was told she thanked me. (could not hear that, being so close) She then made love to the people up front with her hands, patting me on the head. I was invited backstage, was given a pass which imediatly was stolen. So I and my friend left.

But being the kind of bettehead I am I went to the Ritz Carlton, where she was
staying. She had just left. In fact, she left backstage after about 1/2 hour so I
would not have tine to speak with her anyway.

However, I met her realitar who said she would take my letter and pass it on to Bette.

Bette were “Do you want to Dance”, ‘Wind Beneath my Wings”, From a Distance” (Standard),”Skylark”, Shiver me Timber”, “When a Man loves Woman” ” I Think it’s going to Rain Today,”Keep on Rockin” and “Chapel of Love”.

She really seamed to enjoy the night…I know I did.

Rich B :>)

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