KMB REview: Oakland, A Little Bit Of Snook!:-)

I didn’t think a crowd could be more welcoming and appreciative than in San Jose, Saturday, but the fans at the Oakland Arena last night proved me wrong. I lost count of the standing ovations, that’s how many times they were on their feet cheering the Divine Miss M on throughout the night.

Bette mentioned that she was not feeling well this weekend and spent her time in her hotel room feeling sorry for herself, so…the crowd was really making her feel better. I wonder if that was a vague reference as to her feelings regarding them Grammys. She didn’t mention the Grammy’s directly at all.

The seats we had this time around were amazing. Fifth row center. Couldn’t have asked for better than that. I had more opportunity to study the Harlettes and the choreography, and Toni Basil did a great job. They were fantastic. To be honest, I didn’t pay as much attention to the Harlettes in San Jose, so I came away with a much greater appreciation for THEIR talent this time around. 🙂

Anyway, I am not really sure if this concert was as technically sound as the San
Jose concert, but it didn’t matter in the least. The fans were eating it up and
responding to every little comment, move…everything that Bette did was golden. They couldn’t get enough of her, and she really seemed to love it. 🙂

Off hand, the only “glitch” I remember was her hat when she was transformed into the beach tent. Guess that is a common occurence, huh? It started to fall off and she said somthing like “my FUCKING HAT!” in disgust and the crowd roared. 🙂

BTW….I noticed this time (maybe because I was right in front) that there was a
camera right at the stage, recording the whole thing. Was it like this at other
concerts? I didn’t notice it in San Jose, but maybe only because I was further

Anyway, like I said, major MAJOR reaction from the fans the whole night. Plenty of standing O’s. This crowd was not as obedient as in San Jose, when she told us to sit down. We just kept and standing and cheering the whole time. 🙂 But, she didn’t hold it against us, apparently, because…at the end after finishing The Rose)…when the crowd was just going completely WILD…and she was giving her thanks and telling how grateful she was…over and over and over…LOL…I guess she could see that it wasn’t going to end, so she started singing Friends and blew off the roof once again. 🙂 And, while she was singing, she leaned down and shook hands with EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the front row. I mean, at each end of the stage and all the way around. It was awesome.

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