Bette To Hit The Concert Trail In September


On the Road with Moronica…sort of!

I had heard from a non-Bette fan and a Bette fan that Ms. Midler was on Entertainment Tonight just recently and she stated that she would be going on tour this Fall.

Now I have it confirmed by Moronica: The Bootlicking Turkey. Of course, you all know she has her “behind the scenes” sources. People say things in front of her, of course, because they think she’s a turkey and can’t hear and can’t talk….but we BLB readers know better!!!! She’s been hiding out with some of Bette’s people….next to plants, paintings, kitchen tables…but always stiff as a board…so as not to be recognized. You GO, TURKEY GIRL!!!!

The pinpoint date is in September! And that is all I know for now….

Mister D

Moronica: The Bootlicking Turkey

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