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So Much Going On and So Little Time…

There are so many appearances coming up, all I can say is to keep checking the link I’ve made for Bette-related appearances and read BLB and message boards:

Divine Dates and Announcements

Since Gay Pride is on….the jukebox is full of remixes and some disco memories…so have some fun and be safe…dancing in your chairs!!!

I’m keeping the karaoke songs going in BLB records, so have fun singing along….and the offer is still there…record yourself and share with the rest of us…no laughing I promise…hee hee….

The New Polls are up…continuing the theme of finding the favorite track off of each of Bette’s albums to come up with the ultimate BetteHead record…so be honest and vote for your faves….

The results are as follows for the last two polls taken down:

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Songs for the New Depression?

Shiver Me Timbers 31.4%
Let Me Just Follow Behind 20.5%
No Jestering 10.0%
Old Cape Cod 8.5%
Mr. Rockefeller 7.9%
Strangers In The Night 6.0%
I Don’t Want The Night To End 4.2%
Buckets Of Rain 3.6%
Marahuana 3.3%
Tragedy 2.7%
Love Says It’s Waiting 0.9%
Samedi Et Vendredi 0.9%

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Live At Last?

Delta Dawn 16.5%
Birds 14.7%
Shiver Me Timbers 11.5%
Up The Ladder To The Roof 9.9%
Do You Wanna Dance 6.1%
Bang You’re Dead 5.9%
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 4.8%
Vickie Eydie Segment as a whole 4.3%
Fried Eggs/Hello In There 4.3%
In The Mood 3.7%
Friends 2.9%
Drinking Again 2.4%
South Seas Scene/Hawaiian War Chant 2.4%
Friends/Oh My My 2.1%
Mr. Rockefeller 1.6%
Lullabye Of Broadway 1.3%
Hurry On Down 1.3%
You’re Moving Out Today 1.1%
Istanbul 0.8%
Fiesta In Rio 0.8%
Ready To Begin Again 0.8%
Nanette Segment as a whole 0.5%
Alabama Song 0.3%
Around The World 0.0%
Nanette 0.0%

Bette was just on ET while I’ve been typing:

Her advice to Julia Roberts was not giving any…she said she would not get on her soapbox and that Julia would know what to do…

Asked which of the following were Stepford people?

The Olsen Twins: Stepford
Madonna: Not Stepford
Martha Stewart: Not Stepford…plus she said that she really liked Martha Stewart…so there!

Bette and the girls are on the cover of Ladies Home Journal…the newest issue

I have a link up to some clips of The Stepford check those out…

My email is working again after almost a week. The only addresses that won’t work anymore are the and the yahoo acct.

Also I have literally removed myself from the yahoo message boards (both that I joined), so please don’t try to get my attention there because I won’t be able to see it…LOL And I’m not kidding.

Anybody can write me an email one on one… and I love hearing from you…and my close friends I’ve made over the years…please stay in touch…nothing else has changed….

The big reminder is to watch Bette on Inside The Actor’s Studio Sunday night, and also watch The Tony’s. Mister V is there taking care of Hugh Jackman…making sure he’s gonna be a funny and entertaining host who looks damn good…LOL

I’ll try to send out reminders for the major appearances Bette is making, so don’t get pissed off if there are alot in the upcoming week or two.

I’ll also be setting up the reviews pages…God, please let this be a critics fave!!!!

Everybody have a great weekend!!!!

Love, Mister D

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