Another Bette Interview: Topic A With Tina Brown

Date: 06-06-04 (yes, that’s this Sunday)
Channel: CNBC
Time: 7:00 PM Central with repeats during the week
Show: Topic A with Tina Brown (former editor of Vanity Fair

Actress Bette Midler discusses her new movie and her support for John Kerry; also Al Franken talks about the new radio network “Air America” (I encourage everyone, no matter your political beliefs to at least check out Al Franken’s show and Randi Rhodes, especially if your main source of news is Rush, Hannity, and Coulter…at least they allow a dialogue and try to provide facts and truth, IMO)

Great show…

Love, Mister D

This came from TIVO so things could change…doesn’t hurt to check though…

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