Bette’s Appearance on E.T. Last Night…

Mister D: Caught Bette late last night on Entertainment Tonight and I must say I don’t know how people watch these shows without feeling dirty afterwards…LOL

This is what Bette’s appearance amounted to: (not exact quotes, but very close)

Correspondent from ET: Bette, guess what? J-Lo got married…do you have anything to say?

Bette: oh…well….who’d she marry? ( like many of us Bette seemed to not really care, IMO)

Correspondent from ET: Marc Anthony!

Bette: Good for her!

Mister D: Then later on in the segment she was asked about to say something about Ronald Reagan. Bette was shown saying that the romance between President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan was one of the greatest love stories of our time…Check out the video: Click Here (Stars react to the death of Ronald Reagan. )
That was the extent of it…and yes, Bette looked fabulous as you’ve been able to see from the premiere pics I’ve been posting…

Love, Mister D

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