Bette on Ryan Seacrest

Basically, this was just Ryan’s show sending a correspondent, the lovely and funny Kim Coles (“Living Color”), to the red carpet for the arrivals of the cast of “The Stepford Wives.”

And there was maybe 5 seconds worth of Bette in all of this. Before Kim showed the clip to Ryan, he had asked if this was her first time to cover a premiere…which it was…but Ms. Coles has walked a few red carpets, though.

Ryan asked her if she still got starstruck and she said, “yes, meeting Bette Midler.”…I liked that answer. And it seems now we keep hearing of so many new comediennes and singer/actors naming Bette as an inspiration.

Of the clip: Kim screams at the Divine Miss M using that title followed by Bette Midler…Bette says “you don’t look like Ryan Seacrest” or was it “you kind of look like Ryan Seacrest”…cute either way…then cut to Glenn Close, then Matthew Broderick, and then Bette again…Bette basically says how boring it would be to be a stepford person or living in that type of environment and not being able to speak your mind…it would be so boring….then it was off for a quickie with Jon Lovitz…and that was it…

Everything is so fast nowadays…just little sound bytes! 🙂 Wish we could slow down some…

all in all, still always good to see Bette…she was radiant dressed in white skirt and black blouse with a plethora of colors around the collar…oh…and those blue sunglasses! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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