Stepford set to shock

Stepford set to shock
The Age – Australia
June 8, 2004

The remake of the 1975 thriller The Stepford Wives is a quick-witted dark comedy, but the actresses who play the spouses-turned-robots think it may still spark controversy.

“I think the idea of seeking perfection in people – and feeling they need to be perfect – is everywhere,” says Nicole Kidman.

“And the imbalance between that idea and actual reality creeps into everything in the culture.”

“I have a feeling in my bones that for all its comedy and lightness, this movie’s going to start a debate,” says Glenn Close.

“Having been in Fatal Attraction – which supposedly exposed what was going on between the sexes – I said to (Stepford director) Frank Oz, ‘People are going to have opinions, and see it with some sort of agenda.’

“Fatal Attraction opened a can of worms, and this may be another version of that.”

“There’s such a backlash against feminism going on now,” says Bette Midler. “It seems like a conspiracy. The bottom line is about money: Get women back in their boxes and buying some products.”


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