First Hand Account From A BetteHead On “The Stepford Wives” Premiere in L.A.


“The Stepford Wives” Premiere in L.A.
BLB Hollywood Correspondent: Care !!! 🙂
June 6, 2004

Photo: Brigette Lacombe

(Mister D: Care is in the movie business and currently working, specifically, in the movie trailer field which I am finding out is a very hard, timely, and tedious endeavor…but artistically gratifying when the results pay off…she and her company were up for several movie trailer awards this year, but unfortunately lost every one of them to “The Stepford Wives”….bittersweet, I know. But isn’t it just like a BetteHead to brush themselves off and get back up…Okay, I’ve had my fun…thank you so much Care for taking the time to write up your account and sending in these pics!)

To read her account of events with a few pics: Click Here

Much appreciated Care!

Love, Mister D

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