Review: The Stepford Wives (Sneak Preview in San Francisco)

The Stepford Wives
Review by: Richie B. (Thank you so much Richie!)
San Francisco, CA

Saw it last night. Bette was superb and very funny.. in fact the whole cast was great..

Bette had the best one liners. Needless to say she delivered them in her own divine fashion.

Unfortunately the filmed seemed a little choppy and short…

In the end, Glen Close got her moment of glory.. However, whenever Bette was on the screen and opened her mouth, the audience roared…Nicole was wonderful too.

Too bad there was no music by any of the stars…Faith Hill and Jon Lovitz seemed lost in the production. All you had to do was blink and you missed them..

The film should do well opening week.. and continue through the summer with adequate grosses.. I suspect it will do about 40 million opening weekend and end up passing 100 million.. It is the only adult film in the summer sked.

Bette is back on track and when all is said and done critics and the audience will remember her the most.

Rich B

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