The BLB Emails To Me

Hey ladies and germs!

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote me today about the “ignorant” email. 🙂 So far I’ve heard from conservatives, liberals, moderates, etc…and all have been positive. I plan on writing everyone back (my weakness is trying to answer all emails as quickly as possible) that wrote me, but it may take a day. I’m slammed here at work and a little tired….but I promise to get back with all who wrote.

I just want to add that I don’t lump all conservatives in with this lady….some of my best friends are conservative (yes, it’s possible…) 🙂 I’m not even sure that this lady was a real “fan”…I really do think that there is a strategy to some of these emails, posts, and comments some of us are receiving (i.e., volunteers or staff who are told to watch the media for celebrity stances on political views…just seeing some of these emails…they have some sameness to them) I’ve written to a few democratic organizations to see if they know of any similar instances.

Whether entertainers agree with my politics or not just doesn’t seem to effect me….And I don’t get upset if an entertainer or whatever expresses a pro-Bush or pro-Kerry stance in public. Let them talk. I may not agree with them, but I’m not going to tell them to shut up either…let the chips fall where they may….

Talk to ya’ll later…work calls again! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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